Managing Immigration Compliance

We assist many multinational organisations with their immigration needs and ensuring that the business and individual remain compliant with their immigration obligations at all times. We are able to provide assistance with all aspects of global moves including operational, advisory and strategic advice. One approach, one service and delivered by one global service delivery model. At GIA™, immigration services are delivered by our Global Employer Services (GES) practice in conjunction with tax services to provide a distinctive client experience.

How we can help

In support of global growth strategies, it is becoming increasingly important for multinational companies to efficiently deliver talent where it is needed in a timely manner. Businesses often need to move people into emerging host country locations where the regulatory framework governing work permission decisions may be different or less developed. In addition, worldwide regulatory changes are increasing the challenges in obtaining proper permission to work.

GIA™’s experience working with local regulators, immigration authorities, and multi-jurisdictional committees provides indispensable knowledge and insights that can help facilitate streamlined management of essential issues. This expertise provides distinctive insight into helping ensure that immigration compliance requirements are effectively and efficiently managed.

Our team can provide assistance with all aspects of Irish immigration, including: