Back pain is a common issue during the winter, especially for those who need spinal decompression therapy. Our muscles tighten in cold weather to warm up. This creates muscle tension that may lead to pain. The drop in air pressure causes the tissues to swell, which may also cause pain. It’s why we experience more pain this season despite the cold not having a direct effect on pain.

There are many things you can do to effectively avoid and manage backache this season. There are also many things you should not do to avoid making it worse.

Dos Of Treating And Preventing Backache

- Wear Warm Clothes

If being cold aggravates your spine, then staying warm is the best way to avoid an ache. Keep your core warm by wearing layers of light and warm clothes. Put on your gloves, socks, cap and earmuffs. Wear a waterproof layer when going out if your region experiences precipitation.

- Stretch Your Muscles

Stretching regularly is a good way to warm up your body and loosen up tense muscles. You should do it before and after exercising or other intense activities to prevent injuries.

- Eat Well

A balanced diet is necessary for strong bones and muscles. Proteins, calcium and vitamin D are necessary for a healthy back. Dairy products, lean meat, fish, eggs, etc. are good sources, You can go for nutrition counseling in Denver to plan your diet for a healthy back.

- Keep Up With Chiropractic

If you are consulting with a chiropractor, then keep up with your appointments for treatment. A chiropractor can help you find relief through non-surgical means safely. If you aren’t consulting one yet, then consider doing so. They can also prevent back problems from occurring through posture correction and other methods.

- Sleep Well

Sleeping is necessary for your body to heal itself and refresh your mind. Try to get six to eight hours of straight sleep. You can use a bed warmer or electric blanket to stay warm in the bed.

Don’ts Of Avoiding And Dealing With Aching Back

- Being Sedentary

The cold weather might make you feel like snuggling in your blanket and staying in the bed. This can be bad for you in the long run because staying sedentary for long weakens your body. This might make you susceptible to back issues when you do move. Stay as active as possible to strengthen your muscles. If you are working from home, stretch a bit after every hour.

- Looking Down For Hours

Looking down on your phone for hours can give you a mobile neck. The same holds true for any other job that involves looking down for hours. Take a break after thirty minutes and stretch your neck and back. Hold your phone/book up when using it.

- Overindulging In Snacks

To many of us, winter is the time to indulge in hot chocolate and pie. But overindulging in snacks can lead to obesity, which worsens backache. You need to control your snack intake for a healthy lifestyle.

- Heavy Lifting

Lifting heavy objects by bending your back can strain it, especially if you aren’t used to doing it regularly. If you need to lift heavy objects, bend with your hips and knees to do it. Keep your back straight when lifting heavy objects.

- Play Winter Sports Carefully

Don’t forget the safety gear before you go ice skating or skiing. Check the gear before putting it on. Learn how to fall properly to avoid injuries.

- Relying On Painkillers

Painkillers tend to have side effects like digestive problems or drowsiness. Some of them can be addictive. Use non-opioid medication for pain relief if you need to.

- Sleeping On Your Abdomen

Do not sleep on your abdomen. It may feel comfortable but can lead to back issues because it caused the spin to bend down. Sleep on your back so that it remains straight and at rest. You can also sleep on the sides or in the fetal position. Use pillows to maintain a straight line with your spine.