Imini Vape

The iMini V2 produced by Dakonech is a unique and powerful, super stealthy vaporizer to use with oil cartridges. In such a small size, about two inches length, the iMini V2 has integrated 650mAh battery with the direct output of 15W. The iMini V2 kit comes with replaceable 510 thread wickless ceramic coil atomizer, it's also compatible with most of the oil cartridges with 510 thread connection, the cartridge has to be not wider than ~10mm. The iMini V2 features a rubberized design to protect from bumps. The LED light logo reflects voltage output and pre-heat mode. Press five clicks on the button to turn iMini V2 on or off. Click three times to change the voltage and the LED light will turn green, blue or red. The iMini automatically turns off after ten seconds to prevent the battery from overheating.
The iMini V2 works in two different modes, in the Normal mode with the direct output and in the Preheat mode. To use the device in the Preheat Mode, tap the button twice and the power button will flash repeatedly while it warms up the cartridge, to deactivate Preheat mode, simply press the button once. If you hold the button continuously the iMini will work in the Normal mode with the direct output. Preheat Mode is optional and is not required in most cases.
The iMini V2 can be charged via the side micro USB charging port with the adapter 0.5-1.0A.
The iMini V2 vaporizer offers the ultimate pocket-friendly oil vaping experience, delivering smooth rips with a super compact design that won't blow your cover.

Power: Integrated 650mAh Fast Charge Battery
Direct Output:3.7-4.2V / 15W
Compatibility: Mini Cartridges up to 10mm Diameter
Designed for: 510 Threaded Oil Cartridges
Variable Voltage: 3-Clicks
Pre-Heat Mode: 2-Clicks On / 1-Click Off
Battery Life Indicator Light
Wickless Atomizer System
Charging: Micro USB Port 0.5-1.0A
Low Voltage Protection
Low Battery Alert
Overcharge Protection
Overheat Protection
Height: 48mm
Width: 30mm
Depth: 16mm

What you get:
1x iMini 650mAh Battery
1x Ceramic Coil 510 Thread Tank
1x USB Charger