Having an outdoor space where you can relax, and arrange some nice gatherings or enjoy barbecue night is great! There are so many things that you can in your outdoor patio and turn it into a great chilling spot. For those who love to be outdoors, this space can be your recluse. But it becomes a bit difficult to enjoy outside in the winter months and you start to feel chilly and cold outside. An outdoor fireplace in Denver is a good way to heat your patio or deck.

Having a source of heat in your outdoor space makes it much more enjoyable and it makes it very comfortable in the colder months as well. There are several ways in which you can add some heat to the outdoor patio and some of these can also serve ass decors and focal points. Here are some ways in which you can heat your deck and patio.

Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are portable patio heaters that are compact and do not take up a lot of space. These are usually fueled by propane and can be adjusted into any space. One portable heat lamp can heat an area of about 25 square feet and thus are the ideal choice for a deck or patio. Installing heat lamps allows you to enjoy the outdoor area in the winter months and since they are not super bulky, they can be easily removed and stashed away during the hotter months when they are not in use.

Rugs And Blankets

Adding some comfortable and warm rugs and blankets not only will keep you warm and cozy when you are outdoors but also amp up the decor of the space. While these may not be as warm as a heat lamp or an outdoor fire pit but they can make the space cozier and will keep you warm enough in chilly weather before the heavy winter kicks in. you can also keep the throws in the dryer for a couple of minutes before you bring it outside for added warmth.

Custom Fireplace

A fireplace can provide the much-needed warmth in the colder evenings and also serve as a design focal point. Build a customized fireplace and place some furniture and a dining table or a coffee table around it to turn your patio or backyard into an outdoor living room. You can go for a brick or stone fireplace when it comes to an outdoor setting, as they are durable and much more heat efficient. You can also add fireplace inserts in Denver to improve the heating efficiency of the fireplace. Remember to trim low hanging trees and bushes surrounding the fireplace to avoid fire hazards,

Heated Floors

You can install radiant heating beneath the deck or patio floor to heat up the outdoors. While radiant heating is generally installed inside the home but heated outdoor floors are increasingly gaining popularity as well. You can install a radiant heating system to warm up the patio and the deck and another bonus of such systems are that it melts the snow that collects on your deck and patio and prevents the surface from getting icy. Also, remember that installing radiant heating is not a DIY project and as such should be done by an expert professional.

Fire Pit

Last but not the least, this is the ideal and most common heating solution in a majority of residential outdoor spaces. Fire pits are compact, easy to use and a cost-effective solution to outdoor heating, which is why most homeowners install this in their homes. The fire pits are either wood burning or gas burning and are situated low in thhe ground like traditional fire pits. Arrange your furniture around the fire pit and enjoy a nice and cozy with your friends and family outside.