Want to support your education all by yourself? Scholarships are a way to go! But, the real question is how to grab a scholarship when thousands of students are also applying for that one scholarship you are aiming at?

With years of experience in helping students to grab their dream scholarships, we became pro. Our expert team helps students to find out what are the scholarships that their targeted college provides, what are its process, and how to represent yourself wisely among all other applicants. Scholarship for international students is not easy to grab, but Fastweb is right here to help them.

How to Ace the Heavy Competition to grab a Scholarship?

One can simply get an edge over others by following the dos and don'ts of the scholarship world. Let us have a look at some points which you need to keep in mind for increasing the chances of winning the scholarship!

  • First Come, First Served

The scholarships for international students can be won by applying as soon as the process begins. If any prospective candidate applies before you, the scholarship is surely his/hers. So, to keep the winning chances high, apply as early you can.

Also, one thing to keep in mind is, result declaration of scholarship can be time-consuming as the deciding committee has to scrutinize many applications. Therefore, you have to be patient while waiting for results and keep applying to other scholarships as the more, the better!

  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is the key

If you have a good recommender who knows the art of framing your personality in the best possible manner, then congratulations your chances of getting a scholarship are higher. Also, do not worry if your recommender does not know how to write a good LOR because Fastweb will guide you on that as well. So, attach a good LOR along with your scholarship to grab your targeted scholarship.

While following the above points, keep in mind to cater these below-mentioned points for increasing your selection chances.

  • Do not avoid applying to the scholarship with lower amounts

To save efforts, many students only apply to scholarships with higher amounts, which is wrong. A student should target a mixed amount of scholarships because the higher the amount, the higher the competition. So, to be on the safer side, apply to scholarships with lower amounts as well.

  • Don't be lazy

Many students avoid applying to scholarships that require essays. Do not do that! In fact, essays give you a better chance to showcase why you need that scholarship. So do not be lazy and write an impressive essay to grab the scholarship you want.

Once you know which scholarships for international students are worth applying for, follow the secret tactics that are mentioned ahead in this blog.

Set Reminders for Deadlines

Some students completely forget about the deadline even if they are sure of which scholarship to apply for. Fastweb, in its experience of talking with over lakhs of international students, found out that students missed deadlines to submit the scholarship application because they forget about those. To cater to this issue, it is advisable to set multiple reminders for each scholarship. For example, a reminder before a month for filling the form, two weeks before to cross-check it, and finally a week before applying.

Now, the last but not the least important thing is to beware of frauds. Many people call you regarding paying a minimal fee for securing a particular scholarship. Do not indulge in any kind of fraud as it will negatively affect your candidature. Do not believe in any guaranteed scholarship scam because nothing is certain. Your chances of winning a scholarship depend on you, and you have to win it all by fair means.