The healthcare sector relies majorly on achieving highest levels of cleanliness, as it is very important for them to provide the good-quality, completely clean and hygienic linens to their patients. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the hospitals to utilize only effective healthcare laundry appliances within their premises. And out of all the other types of laundry appliances, the washing machines designed for hospital use are considered as the most essential as well as effective one. In this article, the readers will learn the importance of a good washing machine for hospital use and how it is indirectly beneficial for patients.

The priority of every hospital and healthcare department is to keep their patients and clients safe and ensure that they are living contented and healthy. And in order to accomplish this objective, every hospital needs to provide the good-quality fabrics and linens to their patients through hospital laundry services. However, good quality of the linen is not the only important factor to consider, but it also equally important to ensure that the washing machine is able to appropriately and efficiently clean the hospital laundry so that there are no possible toxins or germs left.

Though there are several different types of washing machines available in the market these days, it is important to understand that not all washing machines are fit to be used in hospitals. There lies major difference between a traditional regular washing machine and a washing machine that is designed for hospital use. This is because the laundries in hospitals and every other type of healthcare department experiences heavy laundry volumes and that is why, it becomes essential for their cleaning processes to maximize efficiency. It is also important for hospitals and all other healthcare facilities to assess their patient population’s incontinence levels, since this can mark a big impact on their laundry operations. And apart from delivering clean results, healthcare facilities must also meet stringent infection control standards.

At present, there are three different types of washing machines available in the market that are suitable for cleaning the hospital laundry. These washing machines types include:

  • Industrial washing machine
  • Commercial washing machine
  • Barrier washing machines

Depending upon the requirements, the users can select any of these washing machines. While the commercial and industrial washing machine work in almost similar manners, thier difference lies majorly in terms of the loading capacity, machine's power, and the number of operating hours per service life.

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