Today it is much easier and quicker to use your mobile wallet rather than recourse to a conventional wallet in your bag. Moreover, you can buy and order everything you want just sitting in front of your laptop. Financial institutions readily present their new technological achievements like online banking that has already changed the face of the world financial system.

PC banking

Offline management of banking accounts and cards. Created for businessmen and legal entities, it supports all types of financial documents, EDS, and provides users with automatic update of clients' data when synchronized to a banking server. it supports teamwork, as well as interacts with accounting programs. PC banking can be divided into two types:

  • Client-bank. Specialists from a credit organization install special accounting software on the user's PCs (giving access to the bank's system, database, manuals, encryption tools etc.);
  • Internet banking systems. Any typical browser is acceptable. Clients may use carriers with personal ID information (smart cards, for example).

So that is what online banking is. But today, if we single out the most popular types of online banking, it will be mobile banking, of course. Every day more and more people are starting to use smartphones and tablets, and the popularity of mobile banking apps is attributed to it's convenience and security. So the origination of mobile-only banking was only a matter of time. Banks without physical branches. It seems unreal, right? It's not. It is a reality of today.