If your type “benefits of chocolate” in a search engines, you will get a ton of websites trying to convince you why you should eat more chocolate every day. In fact, there are research studies conducted by very reputable universities and research institutes to determine the benefits you get when you eat more chocolate. All these makes you wonder if there are any inherent negative effects to eating chocolate. So, are there any medical conditions or any other negative effects that come from eating chocolate? I can think of at least one disadvantage of chocolate and that is addiction. Even though there is no research that has been done to support this claim, we all have seen that one person that can’t live without eating chocolate. In fact, it can be a very impulsive behavior that some people can’t control.

This article will highlight some of the negative effects associated with eating chocolate.

Weight gain

There are many studies that have been conducted to determine how consumption of chocolate correlates with gaining body weight. Most studies reached the conclusion that chocolate consumption is linked to lower central body fat and lower body mass index. However, that is not all. We all know that chocolate can contain a very high amount of calories because of the sugar that is added into it as part of the ingredients. Fat content of most chocolate brands is very high and this can lead to serious body weight if you can’t control your consumption.

If you are trying to slim, it may be a good idea to stay away from chocolate for a while until you achieve your desired body weight. Similarly, you should stay away from chocolate if you are looking to maintain your current body weight. If you have to consume chocolate, you should check the wrapper to know the contents labeled on it before you consume the product.

Sugar content

Confections are generally known to be bad for teeth due to high sugar content. Chocolate usually contains a high amount of sugar, which can lead to serious teeth decay and other teeth-related diseases. Periodontal disease is usually caused by sugar consumption and continued consumption of chocolate can lead to this problem. You will have to spend a lot of money just to treat the condition and to prevent it from recurring.

Since cocoa is an active ingredient in chocolate, some people usually experience migraines when they eat chocolate. The reason for the migraines is histamine, phenylalanine, and tyramine found in cocoa.

Bone health

There is some evidence that shows that poor bone structure and osteoporosis can result from chocolate consumption. Some research indicated that the bone density and strength of older women who consumed a lot of chocolate on a daily basis was lower than those that did not.

There is also evidence that some cocoa powders contain cadmium and lead in large quantities, which may cause negative effects on bones, kidneys, and other tissues in the body. Check out mygift for healthier chocolate bars.