Mixed Reality (MR) is a term gaining it's popularity today. It defines a combination or union of two virtual environments where two worlds coexist together. Sometimes a mixed reality is called a hybrid reality.

Machine learning as a subdivision of artificial intelligence easily found its place in agriculture. How does ML work in farming practices? The algorithm gets a range of training data and then uses it for requests processing. For example, you can upload in the computer a few pictures with the description like 'A flower is depicted on the image' and 'There are no flowers at this image'. If you add new images to the database after this, it will start identifying pictures with flowers on it's own.

Smart sensors come to rescue today. They can monitor all plants' vitals, send all necessary data in a real-time mode. As an example, we can take Plant.IO system. PVC pipes equipped with sensors, lights, cameras etc. are located around the perimeter of the field or greenhouse. All information is sent to the server where machine learning algorithm processes this information and analyzes the whole process. You can read more about this topic in Cleveroad blog.