Orangescrum project management and collaboration tool has now launched the beta version of “Orangescrum Olympus” task management tool.

Olympus is a major technology shift from PHP to best JS frameworks – React and Node to leverage speed, improved navigation and overall tool performance.

We continue to listen and act on the feedback received from our ever growing active user base to strengthen remote work capabilities of remote teams globally.

“Our teams are now more adept in remote project management with the use of Orangescrum collaboration tool throughout the COVID-19 work from home situation. We actually saved around 7-9hours per resource per week because of Orangescrum, says Muhammad Syahmeer, Head PMO, Resonant Networks, Singapore.”

Moving on, we decided to enable faster task management and time tracking with Olympus while we continue to build ore features for future releases.

What’s in it for YOU?

Olympus is currently free for all till we release a pricing plan and you can invite unlimited users to your account to continue to manage tasks effectively.

Our existing customers are also welcome to sign up and try it out for themselves.

Olympus currently offers the following key features:

  • Unlimited Projects, tasks and sub-tasks
  • Unlimited Users (for a limited time)
  • Task Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Kanban
  • @Mentions

Project Management

You can create projects quickly with a Project Name, Short Name, Start and End dates, Priority and a project owner.

Also, in the project portfolio list view you can see all projects along with all the above information and the estimated and spent hours and project status as well.

Task Management

Olympus offers robust task management capabilities with sub-tasks, time tracking and @Mention.

You can also upload documents to the tasks. You can mention your task collaborators and other team members in the task comment, description as required.

The task list allows for inline edit of key columns such as assignee, status, priority and due dates.

Associated features such as custom filters, order by, sort by and show/hide fields help you get directly to the key task information you are looking for.

Another key benefit is that you can see the full task details right from the task list view without any additional navigation. Thus task updates, tracking and overall task management becomes swift and efficient.

Agile Project Management with Kanban Board

Kanban board is another intuitive and quick way of task management. You can promptly identify tasks in the to-do, in progress and done buckets.

Also, easy drag and drop for task status updates across status columns leads to efficient status review and stand-up meetings.

A notable feature in the Kanban is to directly add tasks under a relevant task status bucket for quicker status update.

So whether you missed logging a task you already worked on or need to create one for your teammate do it right from the Kanban board.

What’s next?

Introduce your teams to the all new Orangescrum Olympus beta version for a robust task collaboration and management experience. It is just as fast as you and equally responsive!

You can use it on your mobiles, PC, Mac and iPads as well across popular browsers.