Augmented reality is the trending technology that superimposes the physical world with digital data and images, aims to close this gap and unleash untapped and uniquely human capabilities.AR transforms data and analysis quantities into pictures or animations that are imprinted on the physical world. Most AR apps are distributed via mobile devices today, but it will move increasingly to hands-free wearables such as head-mounted displays or smart glasses. Just a Line, Google Lens, Google Maps, Civilizations AR, QuiverSketchAR are some of the trending AR apps.AR puts together a new way of exchanging knowledge and interaction skills, which eventually helps to meet business needs. It's a mix of the physical and virtual worlds with the elements of the real world. Owning an awesome AR app for your company will create new ways to advertise goods or enable new activities to be learned, encourage specialists' work, and contribute to cost savings.

Outsourcing AR project to India

Outsourcing is the method of getting your company's activities carried out outside the in-house infrastructure, in the simplest terms. When you hire dedicated AR developers, dedicated teams, dispersed teams, freelance experts, or get the complete project completed at any external venue, you are said to be outsourcing. You may opt to outsource a particular job, a complete project, or recruit certain experts/teams to work on it. Following are the benefits of outsourcing to India

Largest technical and professional talent pool

Hire dedicated AR developers in India makes it easier to access professional resources with plenty of experience. With the largest number of qualified resources in sectors such as IT, BPO, and Finance to name a few. India also boasts full experience with the utmost ease in managing vital projects. For agencies located in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Dubai, among others, the availability of trained workers at affordable rates is the icing on the cake.

Flexible pricing

Hire AR programmers in India, the hourly cost can be negotiated down to as little as $15 per hour. This versatility in pricing gives businesses the independence and ingenuity to plan their budgets and enables them to reap huge profits.

High-Quality Services

Although the cost factor plays an important role in outsourcing, the consistently high quality offered by Indian outsourcing companies has also enabled India to remain the top destination for outsourcing.

Best infrastructure

Modern India is well-developed and provides all major cities and towns with state-of-the-art telecoms, ISPs, and cellular networks. The new and best software technology is provided to customers, including tailored solutions for different applications such as e-commerce, business process re-engineering, system conversion, maintenance of legacy systems, system integration, and much more.

Attractive government policies

The Indian outsourcing industry is growing with the country's economic policies, GDP growth, taxation, electricity, telecommunications, industrial parks, and special zones have helped develop both infrastructure and communications systems. IT is considered one of India's top 5 priority sectors, and the government has framed policies to gain maximum profit from India's IT outsourcing. This makes companies to hire AR developers in India.


Make a final decision to outsource to India and see a remarkable rise in the efficiency and income of companies. To do so, you will achieve a competitive advantage over your rivals and put your company at the top of the market.