SCRIPTSTORE.IN , to give you an idea of how our HOTEL BOOKING SCRIPT features is an innovative alternative to online users. It’s now time to keep the papers away and make use of system storage that has easy access and lasts long. Our HOTEL BOOKING SCRIPT has user-friendly management settings which don’t require any programming skills. Our HOTEL BOOKING SCRIPT is completely inbuilt and has automated modules which are specific for online travel business. Our Hotel Booking Script App, You can completely transform your E-Commerce Solutions with a custom-build you need, Customer App and a powerful Admin panel to manage the business. Check our detailed Hotel Booking Script Proposal for more details .


  • Ticket/Inventory availability
  • Real Time Pricing
  • Real Time Booking/Reservation
  • Online Cancellation/Refund
  • Booking Amendments
  • Travel Advisory Services
  • Destination Management
  • White Label Solutions
  • Affiliate Model
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Custom booking inquiry
  • Powerful admin circle
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Different ROOM BOOKING gallery
  • Video gallery


Searched by hotel details using from the city, to city and date

List the hoteldetails

Select the desired hotel , trip date boarding point and then book the room

Can add/delete hotel details.

Manage bookings and guest

Manage image uploads.

Manage rooms.

Manage user info.

Maintain payment gateway and user wallet.

Manage day’s offers.

Complete end-to-end access.

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