Teeth play a vital role in the development and growth of children’s overall health. Sometimes the development of teeth is not harmonious in relation to the surrounding and opposing teeth. This creates misalignment and crooked status of the teeth and jaw leading to several teeth and jaw problems. Early detection and management of such teeth in children are essential so that it can be managed and treated early and to save the patients form future teeth related issues. The problems of misaligned teeth are not just limited to abnormal bite, it also leads to several gum diseases, and speech problems as well. This early orthodontic treatment usually begins when baby teeth are intact.

Looking For Early Orthodontic Treatment In Miami?

Dr. Maria Yazji with more than 25 years of experience offers several early orthodontic treatments for children in Miami. At Contemporary Orthodontics, Dr. Maria Yazji evaluates the child’s teeth at a very young age to detect the early signs and symptoms of misaligned teeth.

After the evaluation, thorough planning is performed to tailor the child’s teeth.

- If the child’s teeth are in good condition then no treatment is required.

- If the teeth show minor misalignment, regular follow-ups are scheduled to check the status of the teeth.

- If the teeth show greater signs of misalignment, then for sure an early orthodontic treatment will be recommended.

The aim of the early orthodontic treatment is to create an environment for the teeth and jaw to grow normally and naturally accommodate all the permanent teeth. During the early orthodontic treatment also known as phase one treatment, the jaws and teeth are guided in such a way that the facial bones and permanent teeth erupt and grow in a normal state.

Even after the complete development of permanent teeth, sometimes the teeth show crowding so in such conditions, another orthodontic treatment may be recommended depending on the need and requirement of the child’s teeth.

The clinical and radiographical assessments and records performed during early orthodontic treatment at Contemporary Orthodontics are saved, analyzed, and compared in the follow-up appointments. This comparison allows Dr. Maria Yazji to evaluate and note the improvements and changes that happen to the teeth before and after treatment.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), every child should visit the orthodontist by age 7 as some children’s orthodontic issues can benefit from earlier treatment. Remember good dental health starts early.

If you’re looking for a doctor specialized in early orthodontic treatment in Miami, Florida; visit www.orthodonticsinmiami.com to book a complimentary visit with Dr. Maria Yazji and her qualified orthodontic staff. They have locations in Brickell, right in Downtown Miami and in Weston, too.