There’s no denying the fact that a large Tv in the living room makes your house look more luxurious. So, if you too are thinking of upgrading the size of your entertainment box, you need to buy the best 55 inch Tv in India. Most of these Tv’s come with an ultra HD 4K display and cost within the range of Rs. 50- 80k.

Besides, a 55 inch Tv is not something that you can buy every second year, therefore, you need to be very picky before buying one. Whether money is a bar for you or not, Televisions have evolved so profoundly that you can get the best display and audio features within budget.

Therefore, from an array of HD, 4K and even 8K 55 inch sets, it can be really confusing and exciting at the same time to choose from. But, is there any advantage of buying a 55 inch Tv?

Why to Invest in the Best 55 Inch Tv in India?

Whether you want the perfect cinema experience or play virtual games, 55 inch Tv is the ideal Tv size. Especially for high-end gaming experience, hanging a big Tv on one of your room walls is going to be the best option. Besides, you will have a great time with your family enjoying football and cricket matches and even watching 3D movies.

Also, if you buy a 55 inch OLED Tv, you will not have to compromise on display since they are available in 4k and 8k resolutions. However, you must sit 7-10 feet away from the TV to get the best visual effects. Also, an OLED Tv uses less electricity than the plasma and LCD Tv.

Furthermore, there’s a lot to keep in mind purchasing the Best 55 inch Tv in India. For instance, budget and warranty are the key factors in making this decision. These are available in all price ranges and features. Moreover, keep doing some extra research to lay your hands on the most suitable shiny set of entertainment.