Whether you use an Android smartphone or an iPhone, there's an irreplaceable Google app, which we've been using for many years. That is Google Maps, the most accurate and convenient mapping application to be used anywhere in the world.

Apple also has a mapping app of its own to make available to iPhone or iPad users. But Apple Maps is really bad, and even Apple has to admit it. Apple not only apologizes for its inaccurate, unfriendly interface, but also advises its customers to use Google Maps.

However, Apple does not accept that will continue to happen in the future. That's why Apple has developed and developed its own maps. Like Google, Apple also uses vehicles to take pictures of roads, buildings, and neighborhoods, as data for its maps.

Now, when iOS 13 launched, Apple also began to show major changes and improvements to the Apple Maps application.

The first thing we can easily see is the completely new interface of the map application. The overall interface is added significantly with details, such as names of streets, restaurants or notable places.

Look Around mode (like Google Street View) is supplemented with a lot of high resolution images. Meanwhile the movement is also smoother. Overall, the new interface makes Apple Maps more similar to Google Maps.

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The navigation feature is also improved compared to before, becoming really more useful. However, the navigation feature of Apple Maps only works in 10 major US cities. That means you cannot use Apple Maps to get directions in Vietnam. A map app that can't give directions is useless.

But Apple also said this is just the beginning, the rest of the US will be updated later this year, and then to other countries around the world.

Apple wants to develop a better mapping application, not only to serve its customers, but also to prevent Google from continuing to monetize the iOS platform. With more than 1 billion active iOS devices, Google has made a lot of money from Apple customers.

With the latest updates and improvements, Apple Maps has at least a chance to become a competitor to Google Maps.