One favourite food style that we all love is fried food, but then on the other side, we do feel sad for consuming fried food as they use oil for frying and too much of oil is of course bad for health.

Wouldn’t it be nice if frying can be done without oil?

Yes, but can it be done?

Of course, it can be done. Air Fryer is the one which does awesome work of frying without using oil. As the name sounds, the frying is done with the help of air/steam generated from the cooker. To be on point, frying here takes place in the presence of air and in the absence of oil!

The next immediate question after knowing about an Air Fryer would be, Air Fryer Price. Oh! This sounds cool which would mean that the smart air fryer is costly. But, that is not the case. This Air Fryer is affordable and has a reasonable price.

This Robocook Fryo / Air Fryer comes with warranty and it is durable for sure. Now, let us look at few advantages of using an Air Fryer over a traditional fryer,

  • Cuts Calories - Cuts down the calories by 70-80% which is of course a good news to all the fry loving people out here.
  • Less Fat- Apart from having less calories, the fried food would also have less fat content as the oil consumed here is Zero.
  • Less Acrylamide Content- Few studies show that the chemical acrylamides produced while making potato fries are cancer causing agents, while when an Air Fryer is used, this acrylamides are produced much lesser in amount.
  • Lower Obesity Risk- With nil oil used for cooking, one can worry less about the obesity risk upon eating fried food.

I would conclude by saying that, this air fryer is an investment on one’s health and it won’t be wasted whatsoever. To know more about this Smart Air Fryer, Visit