Despite lot of emphasis on less use of paper for communication or preserving information to protect forests; often business organizations, offices, educational institutions and even residences need to maintain a record on papers as documentary evidence.

This, over a period of time, usually results in accumulation of piles of papers, files and other paper wastes which everyone would like to dispose off. Disposal to get rid of paper waste is not only time and energy consuming but also demands high degree of responsibility as you would never want your papers or secrete information should go to wrong hands.

Why safe disposal of papers and documents is essential?

Safe disposal of papers and documents is not only your moral responsibility but also mandatory as per law. It also helps in protecting Mother Nature by saving forest trees. Moreover, your documents contain your confidential information that can be private, individual or official and can be related to your business. Such information or documents must be protected and prevented falling into wrong hands.

Business secrets if reach your competitors can affect your business and may cause substantial financial loss. Quite often leakage of sensitive information results into identity theft, revenue loss or may even lead to fraud or scam

The best solutions in this regard are offered by paper shredding companies which can systematically dispose off your confidential, secret and sensitive documents or other paper waste using paper shredding machines.

A simple search on internet from shredding services near me can help you choose a reliable NAID “AAA-Certified” shredding company.

Type of services provided by paper or document shredding companies

An efficient paper or document shredding company can offer you variety of services that may include

• On site shredding – which are provided by the shredding companies as per the preference and convenience of customers. It is ideal when, amount of paper waste is in huge quantity and when customer wants to ensure proper destruction or shredding of papers and documents.
• Off site shredding – is useful and economical for customer when they bring piles of papers to the warehouses of shredding company where papers are shred and sent for recycling.
• Residential shredding- which are also like on site shredding services and are provided at your residence or community. People having home-business can avail this facility at their homes.
• Commercial or business shredding – ensures complete and safe destruction of documents, files, boxes and other paper waste. The companies for document shredding near me can help provide purge and cleanout services.

These paper shredding services can be one time or regularly scheduled as per the convenience of customers.

Most of the customer-centric paper shredding companies has various options for scheduling shredding of their paper waste which include:

• One Time Shredding
• Weekly/Bi-Weekly Shredding
• Monthly/Bi-Monthly Shredding
• Quarterly/Half-Yearly or Annual Shredding

As per the convenience, especially for offices, appointments for paper shredding can be provided to the clients.

When you need to get rid of your paper waste in a safe and secured manner, you may rely on NAID Certified DocuGreen Corporation – one of the most trustworthy document shredding company.

DocuGreen Corporation is eco-friendly as it recycles the shredded paper and helps save trees besides preventing landfills from filling up.