Earlier, finding an affordable place to stay was difficult to find, but now it is no longer a big deal to get a place to stay at a reasonable price when traveling.

Business Model

The Airbnb clone app involves three stakeholders. They include

  • Hosts
  • Guests
  • Admin

They are the one who owns a house and wants to rent/lease it. Our Airbnb like app permits the admin to collect commissions from hosts upon each booking.

Guests include travelers, families, professionals heading out on holiday, and professionals out on a work trip who want to live comfortably at reasonable rates. The admin receives a certain amount from the guests for every booking in the form of a convenience fee.

They are the ones who would venture out of business and manage all the host and guest activities happening in the app.

How does an app like Airbnb work?

  • The vacation rental app development is built such that it helps connect hosts who want to rent out space in their homes with guests who seek lodging at prices that are usually cheaper than a hotel.
  • Using this app, guests can easily find the listing of available houses using various filters, and a chat/call feature helps connect the guests directly to the selected hosts.
  • After the stay, guests can pay using the digital payment options available in the app.
  • Users are given the flexibility to provide genuine feedback about their stay, thus helping fellow guests/ app users to know about the experience of staying in the specified residence.

Wrapping Up,

Here, businesses earn a commission for bringing both hosts and users together. Developing this Airbnb clone ready-made vacation rental solution with Appdupe enables your app to reach the target audience. It is loaded with all vital features similar to the popular Airbnb app that helps enterprises post their listings, and users can swiftly book their stays via the app.

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