Dermal fillers are generally safe. Most of them are similar to compounds produced by the human body and simply fill the area under the skin. People get cosmetic fillers in Stuart FL to restore lost skin volume, straighten wrinkles, and hide scars.

Bruising, swelling, rashes and itching are common after getting facial fillers. These symptoms are mild and disappear after a week or sooner depending on the steps you take. Precautions before and after are necessary to prevent harsher side effects and ensure that you get the best cosmetic results.

Precautions Before Cosmetic Fillers

- If you got a dental procedure done recently, then wait at least two weeks before getting lip fillers. Your mouth wounds need time to heal before the procedure.

- Alcoholic drinks cause bruising and bleeding at the injection sites so avoid for a few days before the treatment.

- Avoid taking anti-inflammatory meds or blood-thinners for two weeks if possible. Medication and supplements like aspirin, vitamin E, ginseng, St. John’s Wort, etc. to avoid bruising and bleeding. Consult your doctor about discontinuing medication before doing so to avoid side effects. You can have multi-vitamins or Tylenol unless your doctor says otherwise. Inform them about any medication you take before the procedure so that they can consult you accordingly.

- Sun exposure may cause sunburns or abrasions, that’s why doctors recommend avoiding sunlight for easier treatment.

- Eat something before the appointment so that you don’t feel lightheaded during the procedure.

- Face fillers take time to work, so book an appointment a few weeks before any big events. This way your sores will heal on time and you will see results by the time of the event.

- Conditions like pregnancy, breastfeeding, Botulinum toxin allergy, etc. disqualify you for treatment due to potential harms they can cause. Inform your doctor about any condition you have so that they may suggest alternatives.

- Arrive at the med spa in Stuart with a clean face, i.e. washed properly with no makeup on.

Precautions After Cosmetic Fillers

- Do not rub, massage or manipulate your face up to 6 hours after the cosmetic treatment. You may shift the compounds to areas other than they were intended for.

- Don’t exercise for up to three days after the treatment. The high blood pressure from running, cycling, etc. might increase bruising.

- Continue abstaining from alcohol for a day or two after your appointment.

- Avoid cosmetic treatments like microdermabrasion or massage for 14 days after the procedure to make the most of it.

- Do not rub your lips or apply balm or lipstick after getting lip fillers. Wait for some time as recommended to let the filler settle. You should also resist the urge to bite your lips.

- Stay away from direct or indirect sunlight as much as possible for three days. If you can't avoid the sun, then apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. A powdered sunscreen may be more convenient because it reduces the number of times you need to reapply it.

- Stay away from tanning beds after the treatment for 72 hours. Other sources of UV rays should also be avoided.

- Heat exposure is ill-advised after the procedure, so avoid sauna, warm/hot wax treatments, and other heat sources.

- Extreme cold could slow down recovery and weaken the skin, so you should avoid it as well. You can still use a cold compress to deal with the swelling and bruising.

- Sleep face up to avoid shifting the fillers under the skin. Elevate your head with a pillow if you experience swelling.

- Results take time to show. You should wait two weeks before deciding whether it was effective or not.

- Take Arnica or Bromelain to alleviate bruising. Some experts recommend taking from two days before the procedure onwards.

- Pineapple can alleviate bruising as well, so eat it.

- Contact your doctor immediately if you have fever or chills, discolored blotches in uninjected spots, blanching of injected places, see areas that are red and hot to touch, or have severe pain.