The intranet is a kind of corporate site or similar web platform that integrates the IT infrastructure of some company. Typically, intranets are used in large (and especially in geographically dispersed) companies. The main idea of intranet development is to combine all the elements of corporate data and simplify the work of employees that usually get access through a web browser.

As for tools that could help you build your own intranet in the best way, we can highlight the Drupal 9 platform. Let’s discuss below why we recommend this CMS for intranet development and which modules we pick for the development process.

Three Main Approaches To Build Intranet

There are three main approaches that describe to developers on how to build an intranet:

  • enterprise portals. Enterprise portals are adaptations of traditional websites to provide employees data access and end-to-end communication within the enterprise;
  • ECM systems. ECM systems are a kind of document management systems that are focused primarily on organizing access to corporate content;
  • social media networks. Social media network is an adaptation of popular social services for businesses. These systems are focused on building social connections between employees within the company. This also includes the Wiki.

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