If you are wondering how to unlock Kindle fire without resetting and have no idea, this post can help you. Kindle is a favorite ebook reader of millions of users worldwide. It delivers great performance and supports many advanced features to share the best digital reading experience with the uses. Although, technical problems are common to occur in Kindle like any other device. Sometimes, users are unable to unlock their Kindle device, and the only thing that usually works in such a situation is a device reset. Resetting means losing all the previously stored information. Fortunately, Kindle gives you an option to unlock the device after the reset. Here, we are sharing quick easy steps to unlock Kindle without reset. So, read and find easy steps to unlock your Kindle device.

Unlock Kindle without Reset

When Kindle is not in use for a long time, it goes to sleep mode, and when your device is in sleep mode you cannot use it. Thus, you use the power button to turn off the sleep mode. Every Kindle model has a different location of the power button. If you cannot find it on the top of your Kindle device, you need to slide the power button to turn off the sleep mode. In the Kindle Fire tablet, a power button is present on the bottom; all you need is to slide this button from the left to right and it will unlock the sleep mode.

Here are some quick steps that can help you to recover the password:

  • From the edge of the Kindle lock screen, you need to swipe to the right.
  • After this, you are supposed to enter the wrong password 5 times and then you will see a prompt appearing on your screen with the reset message.
  • Now, choose the reset option, and your device will be reset to its factory default settings automatically.
  • As we all know, Kindle Fire factory reset will delete all the previously made settings and downloaded data from your device. Although, you can download the content again from the Amazon cloud; it is safely stored there. But, before that, you need to register your device again with an Amazon account. Connect it to the Wi-Fi network and complete the registration process again. Set the password as per your preference and continue with the best reading experience on Kindle.

Wrapping Up

Kindle is an amazing tablet that shares an incredible reading experience with the users. It is the most trusted source of books for online reading worldwide. The device delivers great performance, but sometimes problems occur. One of the most common problems is; Kindle lock screen. If your Kindle device has gone to sleep mode and you are unable to unlock it, the above-mentioned steps can help you. Here we have shared some simple steps that can help you with how to unlock Kindle fire without resetting. So, follow the mentioned guidelines and troubleshoot your problem quickly. Hopefully, the steps will fix your problem, but if there is some other technical trouble that is not letting you do the task, get in touch with the experts. The Kindle professionals are available around the clock to help the users and make sure that they have the best reading experience with this amazing ebook reader.