Local charge is gathered under the support of Agra Nagar Nigam local charge by the metropolitan company for creating income. The income consequently produced is used to give community conveniences to the residents of Agra.

Method for installment of Agra Nagar Nigam local charge on the web

The location is [email protected]. To document your local charge you need to have your property id or in the event that you have appraisal number or proprietor name, you need to submit them. For installment of local charge, you need to visit the site of Agra Nagar Nigam of Agra Municipal Corporation. You should choose "Settle local charge" and it opens the page on the screen. It gives the choices to cover the assessments.

Disconnected installment:

You have another choice as well. You can download the application type of self-appraisal of the local charge return. There are both on the web and disconnected methods of installment of your local charge.

You should fill self-evaluation structure with everything about name of the proprietor, his location, the number is given to the property, and so on now you can present the structure with testimony of duty in the workplace of Corporation or Nigam. They will give you the receipt that will be utilized for future reference.