The role of a blockchain professional is slowly expanding in terms of scope with the radical advancements in blockchain technologies. A certified blockchain professional could have the advantage of proving their skills for a specific job role. At the same time, the certification also drives professionals to improve their skills and updating them with the new advancements.

However, many individuals are worried about finding the ideal blockchain certification for fundamental-level expertise in blockchain technology. Although it is the foremost requirement for an individual to start their career in blockchain-based roles, many candidates don’t have the slightest idea about the best certifications that are suitable for beginners. Fundamental expertise in blockchain technology is a great way to start your career in blockchain. Let us take a look at some of the top mentions among your available choices for Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate.

Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate on edX

The first prominent fundamental blockchain certification directly refers to the Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals on edX. The certification program features two different skill-building courses that come with flexibility for progress at their own pace. The two distinct courses in the certification program focus on Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and on blockchain technology.

Completing the two courses successfully while addressing the learning outcomes of the course could help you in achieving the Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate of BerkeleyX. The total duration of the certification program will be 3 months, with three to five hours dedicated to preparations weekly. A certified blockchain professional with this certification can showcase the following abilities,

  • Development of own blockchain solutions
  • Improving a comprehensive knowledge of individual mechanics associated with Bitcoin
  • Identification of real-life applications of Bitcoin
  • Learning the methods for attacking and destroying Ethereum, Dapps, Bitcoin, and smart contracts
  • Enterprise-level implementations of blockchain technology with a comprehensive knowledge of issues with scalability for blockchain and associated solutions
  • Regulatory standards for cryptocurrencies and associated outcomes for anonymity along with future implications of blockchain technology

Blockchain professionals looking for a career in the role of developer, researcher, crypto trader, consultant, or data analyst should opt for the Blockchain Fundamentals certification. The certification proves that you have a better understanding of blockchain technology. As a result, the blockchain certification for fundamentals by BerkeleyX proves the abilities of professionals for making their own blockchain mental models, use cases, and hypotheses for a better understanding of the industry.

Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals on 101 Blockchains

The 101 Blockchains Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course does not qualify exactly as a blockchain certification. However, it can serve as one of the prominent tools to help you strengthen the much-needed skills for a certified blockchain professional. The course contains 11 lessons and is available completely free of cost. Candidates could easily complete the course in four days, with just 15 minutes to spare every day.

The Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals course is nothing less than an official blockchain fundamentals professional certification. It is specifically tailored for improving their skills and knowledge of the corporate world with respect to blockchain technology. Learners can gain unique insights into the fundamentals of blockchain technology alongside the working of blockchain.

At the same time, the course can also offer guidance for aspiring blockchain professionals in finding their desired blockchain career. The Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course delivers a clear impression of career benefits associated with blockchain technology. 101 Blockchains has been a reliable platform for professionals to enhance their skillset and achieve new blockchain-based career opportunities. The Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course covers the following important topics,

  • In-depth understanding of blockchain technology fundamentals
  • Commonly used enterprise blockchain terminology
  • Smart contract fundamentals
  • Digital transformation by leveraging blockchain

Blockchain Basics on Coursera

The Blockchain Basics course by The State University of New York and the University at Buffalo is another trustworthy alternative. You can treat the course as a parallel for the best blockchain certification for basic-level skills. It is the first course in the Blockchain Specialization program available on Coursera.

However, it has a promising sign for any individual who wants to achieve tangible proof of their blockchain fundamental expertise. The course provides insights on topics such as Bitcoin protocol and Ethereum protocol. At the same time, learners could also improve their skills for applying protocols for development of programming and applications.

Furthermore, users would also have the necessary knowledge for creating nodes on their personal Ethereum blockchain. Learners would also get the opportunity to cover other topics in blockchain fundamentals with ease. The most striking highlight of the course is the delivery of hands-on exercises to improve practical understanding of blockchain fundamentals.


On a concluding note, it is clearly evident that you can achieve a blockchain fundamental professional certification easily. All you have to do is find the right blockchain certification platform and understand the fact that blockchain fundamental courses can also help in proving your skills.

The course completion certificate awarded with renowned blockchain fundamentals training courses can be helpful as tangible proof. In the long run, a blockchain fundamentals certification can help a certified blockchain professional find a better chance at career development. If you want to achieve a blockchain fundamentals professional certification, then start exploring your choices right now!