There are many clarifications for why you are unable to take a card payment in point of sale. To Contact processing cards inside QuickBooks Desktop Point of sale notice the steps below:

Here Are Just Some of the mistakes That You Might experience when unable to accept payment in point of sale.

  • Wrong PIN
  • Wrong Bank Card Type
  • Wrong Merchant Number
  • Maybe unpermitted card type
  • Card never inscribe
  • Wrong merchant accounts
  • Maybe unknown merchant accounts info

An invalid entry by the employee or customer or Internal Server errors leads to the above-mentioned errors. Follow the below-given measures to identify the main cause of these issues:

  • To spot whether the challenge is originating from the card or system type, use an alternative card process the trade.
  • Try keying in the card info rather than inserting the card.
  • Try yet another station/terminal.

If you are using a charge card:

  • Be sure that the card is provided with a credit card rather than a debit card logo.
  • Make sure your Merchant Account is accurately installed to process your card type that your user is already using.

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