Many people work out to look good and like wearing something good while exercising. It makes them feel fashionable when they post-workout sessions on Instagram to impress others. That's why many gyms and T-shirt shops offer stylish merchandise for gym buffs. It's simple to set up with the help of a company providing T-shirt printing in Denver.

Order High-Quality Clothes

The person who wears the T-shirt will be bending, stretching and sweating in it. If the material is of poor quality, it will irritate the skin and tear easily. This creates a bad impression of the brand on the member.

So you need to get high-quality workout apparel materials before you start printing. The clothes should be comfortable to wear and feel dry after a workout. You may need clothes of different cuts and fits depending on the type of workouts you offer.

Most people prefer cotton because they are loose and breathable but they tend to absorb sweat easily. Flexible materials like nylon, acrylic or polypropylene might be better.

Companies that print gym merch usually have connections who can supply apparel for printing. Ask them about the clothing's material, quality, etc.

Print With High-Quality Printer

People have to wash gym clothes every day to avoid skin infections and other issues. If the ink used isn’t of good quality, then the design will fade. So, ensure that the printing service uses the best printing supply for the job.

Diversify Clothing Range

Don't limit your merchandise to T-shirts, sell other stuff people wear to the gym like armbands, shorts, track pants, etc. You also don't want to limit your collection to one-size because some may want small and others may want XXL. Offer clothing ideal for different types of workout your gym offers to give customers suitable options.

Think Of Motivational Quotes

A little motivation is what some people need to keep crunching. It's okay to use common sayings related to exercising but you can think of something original to help your brand stand out. Avoid quotes from copyrighted works to prevent legal issues.

Use Fitness-Related Designs

Pictures speak clearer than words. Use fitness-related design elements like dumbbells, bars, abs, etc. to attract gym-goers. You can complement the design with a motivational quote for impact.

Try to think of some original designs with the help of a graphic designer for originality. If that’s not possible, you can use many creative common images as well. Avoid copyrighted material in your design. Use scalable image formats so that you can print the design on clothes of different sizes.

Choose Fonts Carefully

The fonts you choose can make the quote seem hardcore or hearty and healthy. Choose your fonts based on the feel you want to create with your slogans. Make sure that they are easily readable so that it grabs attention with ease.

Choose Colors Carefully

Solid colors like black, navy blue, red, grey and earth tones are popular. Avoid white or light gray because sweat stains them easily.

Keep It Minimalistic

Minimalism is the way to go with workout wear. Don’t try to fill the space, use space to help people focus on the design.

Play With Placement

A small logo on the left side of the chest is usually the norm for a sleek design. Some designers add a large image on the back to grab attention. Some designers go bold by placing the design on the front center. You can also try the sleeves, collar, etc.

Take Second Opinion

Sometimes you may think that a design looks incredible but your target customers may hate it. That's why it's always a good idea to take second opinions from others before submitting a design for vinyl printing in Denver. Don't go with feedback like 'I like it' or 'I hate it'. Ask them why they feel that way and what you should change.

Offer Customization Options

Sometimes, it’s best to let the customer do the design because they know what they like. So if possible, give the customers the option to customize the gear based on their preferences.

Summary - People like to look stylish when working out at the gym. So it makes sense to invest in T-shirt printing in Denver to create stylish garments that gym-goers can don.