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At present, the domestic physical doll industry is in the ascendant and is still in a state of development. Many small companies have also sprung up and started to establish their own doll industry chain. Here we will introduce some well-known domestic brands and some manufacturers of physical silicone dolls.


The first manufacturer of physical dolls in China, formerly known as DS Doll, was established in 2010. The founder borrowed Japanese doll production technology and returned to China to start production. The first imitating started, so its craftsmanship is similar to Japanese dolls, but the originality is very high now. Shang is taking his own path and has a large number of fans abroad. In 2015, it was renamed Ex Doll, which means "Excellence". At the same time, it is actively exploring the road of smart physical dolls.

Ex Doll is the leader of Chinese brands in terms of frame, material and makeup. Ex Doll mainstream products use a stainless steel frame, and the weight of the finished doll is about 30kg, which is not dominant in weight. Ex Doll specially launched a loose joint version, which is more like a sleeping person than the normal joint version. It feels more real when hugged, but it is not as good as normal joints in terms of posing. If you want to start with a second doll, consider the loose joint version.

Ex Doll's accomplishments in the framework are also reflected in the Dream Girl series. The skeleton of the Dream Girl series is almost the most advanced skeleton in the industry. The new design fits the human body structure. The head and body are integrated. The hands and feet are also connected to the limbs. The movable structure is very close to that of a real person. Ten kilograms, so it is not difficult to stand, but because the strength of silica gel is not as strong as muscles, it is not recommended to stand for a long time. Not long after the launch of the Dream Girl series, there is only one model DG100, with a height of 100cm, a palm but no phalanx, and the price is only 4,000 yuan. Later models with other heights are worth watching.

EX Doll’s products now use medical-grade silicone, which is much better than TPE in terms of touch and durability, especially on the chest, buttocks, and forearms. It also uses softer silicone. It is not different from Yotsuki dolls when pinched. Big, in the use of silicone, EX Doll has already opened a big gap with other domestic brands.

The face shape and makeup of Ex Doll dolls are also a big selling point. When developing the face shape, the prototype designer's goal is to shape them in a perfect direction. Therefore, the style of Ex Doll dolls is a bit like Japanese dolls, which is not really beautiful. All makeup artists at Ex Doll have makeup skills, and after more than half a year of professional training, they work very carefully on makeup, and glue the eyebrows and eyelashes one by one.

Ex Doll currently has four series. Dream Girl and Lite are both new series. There are not many models. The Utopia series is in the loli style and cannot be recommended. Then we can only recommend the Ukiyo-e series. The Ukiyo-e series looks and feels over 20 years old, and the height ranges from 158-170cm. The price of the regular version is 16,800 yuan, and the S-grade makeup is about 19,800 yuan. Compared with the two major Japanese manufacturers, Ex Doll has similar styles, and the price has been reduced by more than half. It is a highly recommended brand.

Golden three entity doll

Jinsan is a mold factory located in Zhongshan. In addition to physical dolls, it also produces high-simulation software models, including full-length and half-length models. Jin San’s physical dolls are not only sold domestically, but also exported. They are called WM Doll abroad and rank second only to Ex Doll among fans.

Jin San has a higher market share in the baby world than Ex Doll because it uses TPE as the material and has a lower cost. Even the price of 165cm is only more than 9,000 yuan. The size is also more, from 65cm to 168cm, there is basically a choice every few centimeters, which can meet the needs of more users. There is still a gap between makeup and Ex Doll. For example, for eyelashes, most of them use false eyelashes, while eyebrows are not implanted. After all, you get what you pay for. Fortunately, Jinsan’s face and facial features are designed. It is very perfect and it also makes up for the lack of makeup.

Jinsan’s physical dolls are made of TPE. Although TPE is a little lower in cost, it also has the advantage that silicone is not as good as silicone. For example, the chest of the small doll uses hollow TPE, which feels better than full silicone. It is softer. When swinging the body from side to side, the shaking of the chest is closer to the real chest. When lying on the side, it can also be naturally tilted to one side. But above 160cm, the chest of Jinsan doll will be a little harder . The disadvantage of TPE is that it tastes bigger than silica gel and is easier to dye than silica gel. It will deform irreversibly over time. In addition, the scraps of silica gel cannot be reused, while TPE can be reused.

Jin San also has dolls that make sound and heat. You can feel the heat on the surface within 30 minutes after connecting to the power source, and it is closer to the human body temperature in about 50 minutes. The sound module is an MP3 plus a speaker, and these two functions are added, which can satisfy Part of the needs of users, but the weight of the doll has also increased. In addition, Jinsan did not loosen the joints, and it would be more laborious to use.

Jin San sells different head styles at home and abroad. It has specially launched European and American style skin and head styles for the European and American markets, and the price is higher than that of the domestic market. For example, the same 165cm is priced at US$2600 abroad. , And the domestic price is only about 9,000 yuan, which is still very friendly to domestic users.

Junying entity doll

Junying is a plastic products factory located in Dongguan. It has hundreds of physical doll molds. The monthly output is about 1,000. The products are sold at home and abroad. Junying’s physical doll wraps the environmentally friendly sponge muscle on a metal frame, and the outermost layer is TPE material.

Generally speaking, Junying dolls are not sold in a fixed form, but a free combination of head and body. The body shape and head shape of a height segment are universal, so users can freely match the body and head shape when purchasing. Junying doll is still very rich in the choice of head shape, but makeup is not optional, only eye color, wig can be selected, generally does not provide customized face. Each head has a number or name, such as Yiting, Haruko.

In terms of body size, the height can be selected from the shortest 100cm and the highest 168cm. The breast specifications include flat breasts, general breasts, large breasts, and large breasts. The body is generally named after height and body shape, for example: 158cm big breast, 100cm flat breast. The skin tones are fair and dark. Other options include: fingernail color, sole modification, lower body split type, heating module, sound module, pubic hair transplantation.

Junying doll’s joints are relatively tight, and it’s a bit difficult to pose. The head is solid and has a certain weight. It is similar to the head of a real person. The connection between the head and the body uses a screw structure, which requires more screwing. The number of turns, this is not as convenient as the plug-in type. In terms of makeup, although Junying Doll does not provide customization, the head shape sold in China has beautiful facial features, all big eyes and cherry mouth, and the proportions are also very good, in line with the aesthetics of the Chinese people. The most important thing is the price, Junying 165cm doll, the price of a complete set is less than 6000 yuan, even among many domestic manufacturers, it is also a very cost-effective choice.

Liuye entity doll

Liuye is a manufacturer in Dongguan. Since the reform and opening up, light industry has always been the pillar industry in Dongguan, especially toys, electronics, and clothing. Now many toy factories have transformed into personal products. Based on the previous industrial support, Dongguan's physical dolls, from molds, clothing to heating, are considered to be a higher starting point among domestic manufacturers. The products have passed the Hong Kong STC inspection and have a certain fan base abroad.

Liuye's doll has two outstanding features, one is joints and the other is solid TPE chest. Liuye doll’s joints are not designed with reverse joints, which means that her joints can perform circular motions and pose some non-human poses. Moreover, Liuye has introduced a new head spherical joint, which allows the head to perform circular motions. The doll world is also very advanced; while the solid TPE chest is thicker in terms of feel and has a sense of weight, but the gap with the solid silicone chest is more obvious, not as soft as the hollow TPE, and the shaking is not large.

Liuye is very cost-effective among domestic manufacturers. The 165cm doll is only sold for about 6,000 yuan, and the facial makeup is relatively delicate. In the factory without PS product pictures, it can also be seen that its production level is relatively high, and the figure is uniform. Big breasts, but the lower body is integrated, there is no option for disassembly, so you need to be extra careful when using it.

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