Vinaphone Cash advance is a very useful service when you need to maintain contact but your account is not much. So are there any forms of Vinaphone advance? How to advance money. Let's find out with SimSoDep.Com. sim phong thuy

◉ Vinaphone Cash Advance Conditions:

Being a Vinaphone prepaid mobile subscriber with two-way operation

Subscribers must have a minimum period of 90 days from activation

Main account <= 5,000 VND and received SMS inviting money from the network operator with a specified fee... sim Gmobile

Subscribers must top-up in the last 2 months with at least 1 time / month and the minimum deposit amount is 10,000 VND

Subscribers must have the total amount used in the main account> = 15,000 VND in the latest 1 month . The subscriber has fully refunded the advance amount (including advance and service charge)

Note: When you receive the Vinaphone advance message from the switchboard, the message will be valid within 24 hours. If after 24 hours, you do not confirm the advance, it will no longer be effective for you to receive the advance. sim Mobifone

- If you find it annoying to receive SMS from the switchboard, or refuse to advance, please write: TC to 1576.

- To re-register the cash advance service, please write: DK send to 1576.

◉ Instructions on how to advance Vinaphone:

- When you agree to the call center's invitation to advance, you send Y message to 1576. Right after that, you will receive the amount from 5,000 VND - 50,000 VND depending on each message and you receive. sim Vietnamobile

- Cash advance will be added directly to your main account. When you top up the card, the system will deduct money according to regulations.

◉ Vinaphone advance service charge:

- Fee for texting to 1576 is free.

- Fee for advance money: 10% - 30% of the amount that you receive. This amount will be announced with the message of the switchboard inviting you to advance.

◉ Vinaphone refund regulations:

- Cashback time: 2 months from the successful advance date.

- Cashback amount = advance amount + service fee (advance charge).

- The system will deduct money when you top up the card, the system will deduct directly from the main account until there is enough money you owe the network operator.

◉ Advantages of Vina cash advance

Fast - Simple

Ensure smooth communication

Utilities - Efficiency

When you cannot buy a phone card, there is no person who shoots money, need to contact someone else, it is important to use Vinaphone's money advance service to not be upset when things are going wrong.

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