Cryptocurrency-Integrations Yatra travel website template is developed in PHP and is designed for YATRA READY MADE CLONE SCRIPT and tour operators for booking a package online. By using this script, we have developed a very secure and most reliable way of booking flights, hotels, buses, etc., such travel and booking software app method helps you to manage voucher, journey report, bills, etc., all cryptocurrency like evencoin, bitcoin , etherum etc will be integrated , This script makes the event with a dynamic website, and thus the management of the entire system is made simply with web applications like Bus schedule, bus type, the listing of bus destinations, ratings, etc. Startup your site with the only accessibility online readymade Bus Booking Software. cryptocurrency make my trip clone or API Integration contains fourteen modules just like the user, guest user, pocketbook user, Agent, Admin, super admin, etc

Technology Used

  • PHP Language
  • Core PHP Framework
  • MySQL info
  • Server: Any UNIX operating system Server.

Modules enclosed

  • Air price tag Booking ( Domestic & International )
  • edifice Booking ( Domestic & International )
  • Bus Booking ( Domestic )
  • Cab Booking ( Domestic & International )
  • vacation / Tour Package Booking with CRS ( Domestic & International ) with own tour package

making feature + sight seen & transfer facility

  • Travel Insurance
  • Panels enclosed for the above: User, Guest User, billfold User, Admin, Agent, Super Admin, Multi- Admin, Marketing, centre, Vendor, and Enterprise.

Admin Control:-

  • Advertising
  • Sub Admin’s
  • provider Module
  • price Management
  • Rank Parity Module
  • Deposit Module
  • Booking Module
  • Back workplace
  • Reports
  • Super User Account
  • Message to at least one or all users
  • Active & De-Activate one or all Users
  • Delete User
  • News / Broadcast

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