Though there are several different versions of Indian cotton Kurti available within the market, none can match the beauty and attraction of the long straight kurta. In fact, this Kurtis seems great on various statures and tones. Kurtis is traditionally full-sleeved shirts following a kameez. However, these Kurtis are available as individual clothing items and not amid a Salwar or cotton plazo suit. These Kurtis are often worn with jeans, salwars, pajamas, or slacks.

For whom

Long straight kurta design is elegant and graceful apparel, but it's not for everybody. If you're short, the Kurtis will offer you a weird presence. it'll suit you best if you're medium statured or tall. These Kurtis are characterized by their length and check out to travel for the length that goes along well together with your own height.


The Kurti is out there in several colors but you ought to be extremely careful while choosing the proper quiet Kurti for yourself. Avoid wearing bright colors if you're dusky while subdued colors will hide your fair complexion. Here are the simplest colors matching your complexion:

  • Fair Complexion: choose bright or natural colors like red, yellow, and green. Avoid all other dark colors except Black and dark blue. the sunshine colors like off-white, pink, and lightweight yellow will look great in daylight parties and functions but aren't an honest choice for the night functions like marriage receptions or late-night youth parties. you'll choose neck embroidery and also, attempt to wear a collared neck if it suits you.
  • Dusky Complexion: Metal colors would look best on you. Prefer a golden hue to the silver one as it will look great on your skin complexion. don't attempt to choose an excessive amount of embroidery or the other feature.


If you're wearing a metal-colored Kurti then you'll choose the accessories like colorful tops and bright colored necklaces. you'll also choose the handbags, preferably big ones, of various colors. If visiting a standard function you'll also choose metal bangles. Avoid them if visiting a university fest or other youthful parties.

Some Things to recollect

  • Always prefer comfort to style. don't choose the tight, uncomfortable Kurtis especially if attending a standard function or other function that needs your active participation.
  • don't attempt to choose unnecessary experimentation because the great thing about straight cut Kurti lies in its simplicity.
  • Avoid wearing too many accessories as which will hamper the looks of this easy garment.

No other garment can offer you the straightforward yet beautiful look as so rendered by the straight cut Kurtis. This summer many cotton Kurtis are available within the market that's crafted in Straight-cut style. you'll either buy them from the market or get them organized online from the comforts of your home.