Even without the oodles of extensions that make Visual Studio Code a power tool for every developer, Microsoft’s open source programming editor is loaded with nifty features by default. However, some of these useful features are not obvious, even to seasoned users. And with each new release of VS Code, more handy features get rolled in—often remaining below the waterline.

Here we’ve listed six useful Visual Studio Code capabilities that you might not be aware of. Most will appeal to developers of all levels of VS Code expertise, from the newcomer to the seasoned vet.

Type to find any Visual Studio Code command

Want to find a command, any command, in VS Code? Press Ctrl-Shift-P and start typing. The command palette, as it’s called, gives you fast access to any registered command, including those provided by add-ons. Plus, if there’s a key binding associated with a given command, it’s displayed in the type-to-search drop-down list. This way, you can cut straight to the key shortcut in the future.

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