Buying a new house is one of the most exciting experiences in life,
with plenty to be happy about and learn about your new neighbor,
neighborhood and community. The last thing you’ll want to get out
of your way is the additional stress and worry created by discovering
the requirement for shocking repairs.
Our home inspector in Weslaco TX conduct a complete inspection of
your home at 550 plus points of evaluation, assist you to fully
understand the property’s current state. We own a highly skilled
team of home inspectors that are licensed and trained beyond the
industry’s highest needs. We also offer home buyers with an
innovative Report, which involves a digital House Repair Manual and
Seasonal Upkeep Checklist to help house owners take care of their
most crucial investment.
Our home inspector in Weslaco TX will provide you with an examination
the report, paint colors, and even maintenance alerts, in an easy online
application. With such useful information that’s easily accessible,
you’ll feel much safer in your buying decision after our

TASK Guarantee for the best systems and training
The Report, for real faith in writing
Availability — when your ease is key
Remove Shocks and Get Peace of Mind with our inspection services.
Our home inspector in Weslaco TX know that the home-buying
the process can be highly stressful. Our complete, professional home
inspectors help to make sure that you know about the home and
the condition of its big systems. We show our findings in our
innovative, user-friendly Report.
Selling or buying properties require information and confidence. Our
home inspector in Weslaco TX is here to help give you each of these.

No matter if you’re constructing, buying, or selling a new house, our
the home inspector will offer you a comprehensive examination of your
a place that will make you satisfied and stress-free.
Accurate and focussed, our home inspectors are a major part of
the industry. Our home inspector in Weslaco TX is proud of being
honest and complete, communicating home examination results
openly and clearly so you can make better decisions. Our home
inspector in Weslaco TX covers all major systems, including so many
items such as:
Exterior Home Elements
Electrical Framework
Foundation – Exterior and Interior
Cooling and Heating Systems
Plumbing Framework
Crawl Space
And More
Keeping your investment secure is our preference. Our home
inspectors perform a lot of residential and business inspections
annually. We have the go through many situations to provide
comprehensive examinations and a range of unique inspection
services that uncover possible repair requirements and hidden
charges. So don’t hesitate to contact our home inspector in Weslaco
TX for any kind of inspection. At Corpa Property inspections we will
make sure that we provide our customers with the best service possible.
We promise that we won’t let you down and provide you with an
the inspection which truly determines the state of your home so that you
must know which areas of your house need renovation or repair.
We are available for you whenever you need a home inspection.