The best Quran gift for Muslim could be a book. There are several books available and one could easily get confused. One should not just buy the first book that comes your way. You should make sure that it has the authentic teaching of the Quran. In addition, you should also consider the book's style and content.

A common mistake is that people go to the bookstore and just pick up any random book from the shelf. They do not read the books carefully to be sure about its authenticity. They just glance at the title and take the book from the shelf without bothering to examine the content or to check whether it could have an Islamic or cultural relevance. This is wrong. You should spend some time looking into the books and checking whether they come with the right Islamic gifts content or not.

Another mistake that you should avoid is that of purchasing an expensive book just because it has the best Arabic verse. Again, the title does not mean anything. You should not just go for the title alone. Make sure that the book is the best and not just the one with the most beautiful Arabic verse. There are many cheap ones out there as well. It would not hurt if you made some research before buying them to be on the safe side.