While designing a modular kitchen, shutters are one of important factors to be considered, because the one wrong choice could spoil the look of your kitchen forever. kitchen shutter design in a variety of materials, and in a range of finishes including Shutters, Lacquered, Post Form, Veneer, Laminate, Solid Wood, Acrylic, Edge-Banding and Marine Ply. There are more than 400 shutter options. Simply read on to explore some of the best and most utilized types of shutters.

Solid Wood

As the name suggests, Solid Wood Shutters are manufactured using solid wood such as Teakwood, Rubber wood etc. of the finest quality. They look extremely elegant because of the fine wood used. They are highly durable as the solid wood is used in it. Every single unit is given detailed and equal attention to ensure consistency in quality. These shutters are resistant to termite and other harmful factors. A lot of emphasis is laid on the finishing ensuring the best quality. A multitude of colors and designs are available in it.

PU Coated

PU Coated Shutters enhances your spaces and give it that ultramodern look which is indeed a desirable one. They give a very impressive look to the kitchen with the sleek designs that will take anyone's breath away. They are manufactured using world-class 16mm Marin or MDF Boards. With PU coated shutters one can play with the colors as it can be mix and matched to give a beautiful edge to the kitchen. They act as an embellishment to the space. With such superior quality and designs they gel beautifully and give the interiors an extremely rich and contemporary look.


Membrane shutters are ideal for modular kitchens. Membrane shutters are made by 18 mm thick MDF laminating from all sides using with high quality imported foils which are made out of agricultural wastes or without using natural wood sources. They come in fascinating designs, colors, and finishes that makes the kitchen look decorative itself. They are made using the highest quality of marine or MDF boards. Then they are laminated with a 0.4 mm PVC foil that gives it a glossy look. There are edges, designs and different colors available to give shape to the imagination of the client.


Welcome home nature with refreshing range of Floral Shutters this time. They are manufactured using 16mm Marin Ply. These floral shutters bring the interiors of the kitchen into life with such bright and magnificent colors. The fittings are excellent, as acrylic is used to give a fine finish to the shutters. A floral shutter makes the kitchen vibrant and refreshing and the lady feels good to be in the kitchen. The flower is one of the nature's most beautiful creations which inspires these designs and gives the kitchen space extremely beautiful look. It is very easy to clean and maintain the look and décor with floral shutters.


Acrylic Shutters provide a modern, sleek and clean look to the kitchen spaces. They are manufactured using 16mm Marin Ply and are coated with 2mm Acrylic Finish Kitchen. A great attention is paid to give the product the highest quality. These come in a variety of designs and colours to suit the requirements of the people. One can play with the combination of colors to give the kitchen a modern and chic look. They are designed to stand the test of time as they are highly durable. Acrylic laminates are resistant to wear & tear, scratches and corrosion. They ensure a beautiful, long lasting and scratch free mirror finish.


Laminate Shutter adds that element of panache to the kitchen spaces. Four Sided Edge Bending Laminate Shutters is in vogue. They are stylish, sleek and strong. They are manufactured using the finest quality of 16mm Marin Ply and coated with 0.6mm Post form Laminate Kitchen Design and 0.6mm White Laminate. They are widely appreciated for their excellent finishing, exclusive designs and durable finish standards. They make the kitchen interiors look very elegant. They are quite acknowledged because of the 2mm edge band used. And are held together by extremely potent Hot melt Glue. They not only decorate your spaces with unmatched quality but also with unbelievable beauty.