G2E is a trade show that brings together the worldwide gaming industry under a single roof. It's a two-day event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada from June through August. Each day features a panel of industry professionals and executives from around the world who are invited to speak about their career and industry certain problems. Panel discussions and special events round out the two-day event.

The next day of the event is dedicated to Education and Knowledge production. This is the time for you to meet with gaming experts, programmers, and game testers to ask these questions, learn how they do their work and find out when to ask them for help. The goal is to create partnerships between your organization and these global leaders so as to work together in finding more ways to expand your reach and increase your profits. If you'd like to make such a partnership, just send me a note via email (see bio department below) and then we can discuss mutually beneficial choices that both of you can explore to serve your mutual objectives.

Please help out in the preparation of this superb event using the template letterhead provided. Please, also use this template letterhead for all correspondence that you send to or from the G2E. I will be calling you frequently as a formal representative of the worldwide gambling industry and I look forward to hearing from you. Please don't hesitate to circulate this letter on your own networks, in addition to in your own firm. Please consider all of this.

In planning our trip, I was blown away by the diversity of global gambling. I have always seen matches from the Asian region, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America. The amount of diversity and lively representation was humbling. The surprising thing was seeing how incorporated some of the countries' cultures are. We watched Gamers anywhere, from kids to teachers to businessmen, government officials to schoolteachers.

Many individuals and companies in different areas of the planet are very excited about the chance to participate in the worldwide gaming industry events. Their desire is to reveal the rest of the planet what they are able to do and the impact that they can create letou. Their organizations will use the occasion to improve their international reach and increase the diversity of the reach. They will showcase to the rest of the world what they could offer, which sort of products they have, and also how they are able to better serve their customers.

This trip has helped us to understand more completely the need to expand our reach internationally. By having the opportunity to expand to new markets and meet new folks, we've been able to expand our horizons. We have been inspired. Our contacts have taught us something about how to better serve each other, how to better utilize technology, and also how to better achieve our potential consumers.