As the name suggests, indoor hemp flower is grown in a controlled environment in a closed space. This space has temperature-controlling instruments along with an artificial source of light. This is done to optimize the help-growing conditions so that the yield is top-notch.

This practice is adopted only for the most exotic strains to preserve their best traits such as the percentage of CBD, THC, and fragrance. In this closed space, the O2 and CO2 levels are also controlled to promote resin formation and boost the aromatic essence of these strains.

Why ingrown hemp flower buds are better?

The indoor hemp flower is much better than the outdoor hemp flowers because of the following reasons.

  • Hand-harvested buds

You can easily imagine how the indoor buds can vary from that of the outdoor ones. The indoor hemp flower is hand-harvested whereas outdoor strains are harvested using machines. In fact, the latter is auto-trimmed using machines. Hence, the indoor crops get the manual care that outdoor production does not.

  • Harvest size

Indoor hemp is produced in low quantity to provide better care to the crops. The volume of harvested hemp flowers is less than outdoor crops. This is specifically done to make the harvest exotic and better in quality.

  • Quality matters

The indoor hemp flower is way better in quality as it is grown in a controlled environment. These indoor factors are researched and developed to deliver better-quality yield every time. In fact, the indoor harvest is free from heavy metal poisoning, pesticides, and any germ growth. The probability of contamination reduces to a minimum.


The indoor hemp flower costs more than the outdoor ones for obvious reasons. The ideal conditions inside deliver the best-quality hemp flowers at a reasonable price for the admirers. Learn the differences and choose the best.

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