Thanks to Covid-19, sales of sex toys are booming more than ever. In April 2020, Buzzfeed reported that the sales of sex toys increased by 600%! Due to national isolation and blockade, more and more couples are living apart, and people are exploring sexual pleasure in a whole new way. The product is kinked, delicate and more adventurous. People rediscovered sex dolls, the products of passion and partners.

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Boredom, isolation and curiosity motivate people to become interested in sexual exploration. The days of blowing up sex dolls are long gone. Now, we live in a day of sexual equality. Our sex dolls are more advanced than ever. Browse our selection of AI Sex Robots and learn how to conduct sexual and non-conversational conversations, the way she learns from conversations every time, and how she recognizes her voice.

Normal sexual release is no longer sufficient. We are constantly evolving, and while doing so, we are eager for the next big thing. Isolation has given people the opportunity to try new things. All of us want to escape reality a little bit, so it makes sense that we should choose to do this in the bedroom and sex toys, which can help us along the way.

In 2020, sex dolls are not just a shortcut to solve sexual frustration. "New York Post" reported that Americans bought more realistic dolls, and sales increased by 25% year-on-year. A bodybuilder even married his sex doll. Whether you are looking for sexual pleasure or simple companionship, you can find it in sex dolls. No matter what you need, our girls will be here to accompany you all night.

With the decline in sales of female underwear, it is clear that isolation is one of the main drivers of sex doll sales. More and more people are alone and want to stimulate themselves with more things than traditional sex toys. The best thing about sex dolls is the customization features it provides. Although a standard sex toy is suitable for everyone, a sex doll can be made according to your exact preferences, which means that no matter what you open, you can find it in one go.

Looking for plump black hair with thick thighs and a small waist? Want a naughty blonde girl with a petite figure and blue eyes? Build your own sex doll as you like, and if you choose to enable high-tech dolls (AI dolls), she can learn what you like from your conversations. If you like big breasts, there are also big breasted sex dolls. You can feel the happiness that big breasts bring to you. At the same time, you are addicted to anime and want to have an anime sex doll. Here we also have what you want. We will try our best to satisfy all your fantasies and needs

Together with thousands of others, they discovered the sheer joy of sex dolls this year. Understand why sex dolls have become the first choice among many toys, not a few. what are you waiting for?