Career Prediction by Date of Birth in Indian Astrology

A person’s birth date is not just a moment in time but has much more significance in Indian astrology. According to this ancient cosmic belief system, the birth of a newborn is the Karmic result of all previous lives. This is shown in the birth chart of a person. As a career or job also means Karma, the philosophy of Karmic prediction applies to the success (or failure) of a person in career. Often, people get engaged in the wrong type of career that is against what astrology suggests for them. The moment you realize this and want a job change, consult an experienced astrologer. Career prediction by date of birth in Indian astrology is a real thing that has helped numerous people to find success in what they do.

Help from an Astrologer

Hemant Barua is one of the top ten astrologers in India. He has helped many people succeed in their job and business through astrological consultations. His deeply logical interpretation of the horoscope is based on the belief that astrology is a cosmic science and not any kind of guesswork. His expertise in understanding the effects of planets and stars in human life is evident from his client list which includes many top celebrities and businessmen. However, despite his significant success, astrologer Hemant Barua is a very down-to-earth person devoted to the welfare of mankind by Vedic astrology.

Choice of Career According to Astrology

Each zodiac sign governs the birth dates of the ascendant. Your zodiac is the sign that was rising in the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth. Since they carry different unique energy footprints, the chances of your success are greater when you choose a job according to the energy of your zodiac. Consider these examples.

Those born of Cancer are sensitive and caring. They seek a sense of purpose in everything and are always tuned to the needs of their fellow human beings. Considering these, the best career for Cancer ascendants is NGOs, teachers, healthcare workers, and childcare.

People born of Scorpio are secret keepers, they always strive to think out of the box, are idealistic, determined, and persuasive. The best job roles suitable for them are finances, therapist, crisis management, and surgery.

These are just two examples of career prediction by date of birth in Indian astrology. Along with the zodiac, the Nakshatra of a person also influences his or her career. Twenty-seven Nakhstra or Lunar mansions are equally divided into 12 zodiac signs. Finally, the effect of planets in different houses of the birth chart is also of paramount importance in career prediction. Different planets have different energies that may sometimes pose obstacles in job promotion or cause losses in business. This is why even top entrepreneurs these days consult numerology and astrology to make business decisions.

Expert Guidance

The knowledge of Hemant Barua is evident from his YouTube channel PlanetsnHouses. Here he explains monthly horoscopes clearly and understandably. He also explains the roles of all lunar mansions and their effects on human life. He is an expert on career prediction by date of birth in Indian astrology. He is reachable at his website and also at his contact number +91 97739 59523.