The Russians are enriched with culture and tradition. The gift is a part of their culture. So, Russian gifts are as standard as their national culture and tradition. If you want to give a gift to a special person you can give him or her a gift from the Russian culture. Surely it will give satisfaction to the person because Russian gifts are attractive and world popular.

Best Russian gifts

From the very early part of the time, the Russians have made gifting a part of their culture. So, the list of Russian gifts is very large. Among them, Matryoshka dolls, imperial eggs, Russian souvenirs, gifts for men, memorabilia gifts are the most unique and attractive. If you want to give the gift to a Russian then it is a good option to impress the person.

Matryoshka Dolls

It is one of the most popular dolls all over the world and it is the best doll in the Russian culture. Every Russian are passionate and attracted to it. Because it is a part of their childhood life. It conveys their cultural characteristics and so represents their culture to the world. It is so popular in Russia and also in the world so that it is one of the best-selling dolls every year. The prices of the dolls range from only 5 dollars to 5000 thousand depending on their design and structural feature.

Russian Memorabilia

The memories of Russia mean the memory of the Soviet Union. It is the background of the Russian nation and every Russian feels proud of it. So, they like to bear the memories of the past Soviet Union in their culture and lifestyle. In these memorabilia caps, hats, medals, badges, bags, backpacks, T-shirts, sailor collars, etc are the major items for gifting. All the items are designed with the symbol of the USSR. It looks like it represents the Soviet Union in the modern world. That is why from the heart the Russians love these items very much.


It is a good option if you want to gift some official and corporate persons. In the design of the souvenirs, they reflect Russian taste and culture. So, if anybody in a foreign country like the USA gifts a Russian with Russian souvenirs he will become very happy and impress.

Where to find

In the market, all of the so-called Russian gifts are not real. Some companies make these gifts on their own without proper knowledge of Russian taste, design, and materials. The Russian stores are the only reliable source for purchasing standard quality gifts and products. Among them, Stp goods is a very popular name where you can buy gifts at the best price ranging from only 5 dollars to 5000 dollars.


Russian gift is a proud section of the people of Russia. Their gifts are classic and traditional. It is so attractive and standard that the people from other nations and countries are also very fond of it.