Sex dolls are a rising industry, which is closely related to our future living conditions. Due to the development of technology, more people will rely on technology products to live in the future. Sex dolls are only one of the technical products, but sex dolls can meet people's basic physiological needs, so they will be more needed. If you still think this is a very vulgar product, then you will not be able to enjoy the fun it brings you. We all know that sex dolls are a sex tool, In fact, it has many uses. It depends on your choice. Some people will treat it as a confidant, as a friend or partner, so just try it and don’t let yourself miss this new things. If you think about it, the sex doll industry will be affected by technology, social issues, current events and the evolution of sexual concepts. Not surprisingly, this industry is developing and changing rapidly. So, what will happen in the next 12 months or so?

  1. Sex dolls are recognized by more people

Maybe you will say that you are the creators of this industry. Of course, you think that sex dolls will become more and more popular, but the fact is that sex dolls are being accepted by more and more people. The data proves that according to Amazon's sales data, the sales volume of high-quality sex dolls in 2020 will continue to rise, especially during the epidemic, so do not doubt the development trend of this era. Some things may just be that you don’t know enough, so you will There are some prejudices. In addition, sex dolls face a very wide range of people, so to a large extent, they are needed by many people, whether you are of the opposite sex Lovers, lesbians, gays, transgenders, and bisexuals all welcome you to enter this space. Silicone sex dolls identify and support people of various identities.

  1. Sex dolls are used in more ways

Sex dolls are a service. For many people, sex dolls are the key to making them their true self and experiencing sex in the way they want. We think it's time for the industry to focus on this community as never before. The sex dolls of 2021 will be used in more ways, including sex doll brothels, rental companies, movie studios, and even packaged as an artist, etc. In the next year, we truly believe that the curiosity of sex dolls will continue to increase. The result will be an increase in the rent of sex dolls and the use of sex dolls in the entertainment industry.

  1. Tailor-made dolls are becoming more and more popular

Don't get us wrong, we like that anyone can order one of the dolls we are ready to sell in a short period of time. On the other hand, we also believe that the idea of customing a sex doll with perfect eyes really attracts discerning customers. Customization will not only continue to be a popular choice, the company will also strive to provide customers with more choices.