You start your machine and a number of applications pop up on your desktop/laptop. It is annoying and irritating too. Some apps are important that need to open up at startup. All up to you and your priorities.

There are cons to opening apps on startup.

1) System becomes slow

2) Interrupts the daily activities you perform on your desktop

3) Some apps if you have saved credentials, automatically get logged in and anyone can view your private conversations/content

4) You are non-tech savvy and you will find one window over another comes up at startup and you think something is wrong with the desktop

Utorrent is one of most favorite apps to download free movies, series and so on. Out of 10 users, 8 users must be using the torrent for free entertainment. This app can be used at the leisure time or when you are not working on your professional task(s). Looking at the usage of the task, Utorrent cannot be opening on Startup Windows. All you need to do is to uncheck the option to Open at startup from your application settings and there are alternative ways too.

Application Preferences

  1. Open uTorrent from the desktop icon.
  2. Locate Preferences using the Options menu.
  3. Locate the General preferences.
  1. Untick Start uTorrent When Windows Starts option.
  2. Untick the Start Minimized option.
  3. Press Apply and OK.
  4. There you go!
  5. At startup of Windows 10, you will not see uTorrent popping up and irritate you.

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Windows Settings

  1. On the search bar, enter the settings keyword.
  2. The Settings window should have opened.
  3. Locate the Startup section.
  1. Search for uTorrent application.
  2. Set the switch to OFF.
  3. Here, you go. The uTorrent application is disabled from opening up on the startup.

Task Manager Settings

  1. Use CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open the task manager.
  2. More Details is the button you need to press.
  3. Locate the Startup tab.
  4. You will find the row with Utorrent application.
  5. Choose Disable.
  6. You have removed it from startup Windows.

Using Ccleaner Tool

  1. Start cCleaner tool.
  2. Locate the second option (Startup) from the top on the icon bar.
  3. Choose the row with uTorrent visible in the middle section.
  4. Press Disable.
  5. You have stopped opening the uTorrent application from startup.

Using uTorrent Web

  1. Start uTorrent Web page from your Chrome or Firefox browser.
  2. You should be on the uTorrent Home page.
  3. Press Settings. You should be seeing the settings page.
  4. Deselect or uncheck the “Start uTorrent Web when computer starts” box.
  5. Yo! You are done. You will not see the uTorrent opening at startup.

uTorrent Removal from startup in MacOS

  1. Open uTorrent app in your macbook.
  2. From the menu, select the Preferences option.
  3. General option is what you should be looking at.
  4. There is a section called, Program Setup.
  5. Look at the Start uTorrent when Mac starts up option. Uncheck it.
  6. You are all set to remove it from the docker when your mac starts.

All of the above steps are useful for any app that you want to remove opening at startup in Windows, MacOS. You can do the same in Linux also. It is simple to do and enhances performance of system startup. At times, you don’t know who accidentally you complete installation of the applications with the startup option checked by default. You do not notice at the time of installation, but experience while your system gets slow or it starts annoying you. All you need to do is, remove the option to remove from startup and you are sorted with your problem.

Just relax, it’s not a big deal if you have accidentally chosen to open the application(s) at startup. You have a solution for this too, as explained above.