A split air conditioner is the two-component air conditioning system that derives its name from the fact that it splits the AC components into two units. The indoor unit contains an evaporator, air filter and air handler, and an outdoor unit contains condenser and compressor. Both the units are connected to each other via a conduit.

Due to the very design of the AC system, it offers a wide range of advantages. It is one of the most common AC systems used in modern homes and workplaces due to various advantages. One can easily find the wide range of products in the split AC system category from wholesale air conditioning suppliers as these systems are in great demand for both residents and commercial use.

Here are some of the key advantages of split AC System:

  1. Easy to install

Split AC systems are easy to install. It does not require a laborious process of installing ducts. There are no special space requirements for installing ducts. You can easily install this system anywhere as the outdoor unit can be easily connected to the indoor unit via a conduit. This not only makes the installation easy but also makes it affordable. There are no special air conditioning installation accessories required to install the system.

  1. Quiet

Split AC systems are popular for being silent. The condenser unit is placed outside the home unlike the window AC unit where everything is enclosed in a single unit. This makes the AC system silent. You will not have to face a significant amount of buzzing and rattling as the outdoor unit is placed outside.

  1. Highly efficient and less maintenance

A split AC system is a highly efficient AC system as it does not require air to travel through ducts that require more energy to condition the air. Not only that, split AC systems require less maintenance than central systems. It requires basic servicing from time to time, and that too is not costly.

  1. Clean air

Split AC systems provide clean air. These systems remove up to 99.9 percent of all indoor air pollutants and eliminate major allergens and other airborne contaminants. This ensures you are getting clean air that helps maintain hygiene at home.

So these are the key advantages of the split AC system. However, many people just buy this system from the design considerations.