Choose a sport and watch your diet.
In a healthy body a healthy spirit! so my grandmother told me and now I know it's true. You need to keep your body in shape, exercise or go to a sports club. Do this and you will feel the strength to fight laziness and do everything you planned earlier. Improving yourself is a whole system and not individual tips to make it work like clockwork throughout your life, also see a lot of use this link!
Nutrition is very important for health, now it is very fashionable and many people write about it in great detail. The main thing is to control the time of eating and the quality of food, it's like a lubricant for your body!
If you give bad food to your car it will break?
Relax, travel, change your location and surroundings.
Healthy rest is very important for energetic work. When you have time to rest for other purposes or just disconnect from daily work, the brain and body should relax to gain strength to dig the rock again. Also change your location, you will become openmind you will have a lot of new ideas and desires.
Getting out of your comfort zone is like a cold body shower, the best opportunity to get a great experience in a short time.
Get feedback, ask for advice if you need it.
To understand if you are going correctly, get feedback, there are people who have already done it who have already been there or who can advise you on how to do better, be open to feedback. If you have a question or you don't know something, just ask, as one Chinese proverb says: it's better to be embarrassed for a few minutes while asking something than embarrassing all your life because you haven't asked it yet.