If you are looking for an alternate solution to the usual mac email archive and backup activity then we have the perfect solution for you. Using Mail Backup X for mac you can keep your data backed up regularly. It has the best ever features which enable automated backup of data along with several inbuilt facilities. Also, it is the first ever mail backup software which lets you backup data from multiple mail clients at once. You can use it to backup data from all major mail clients- thunderbird, postbox, apple mail, gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail and outlook.

How to backup mail on mac with least investment

With this mac email archive and backup software you can make the most of it. It doesn’t require any effort from your part apart from installation. If it exists in your device then you can remain sure that you will get the highest quality of mail backup service. Apart from being widely applicable, across multiple platforms, it is also quite useful in other areas. Below we have mentioned the facilities it provides inclusive of its mail backup service.

How to backup mac mail and change mail file format as well

To ensure that you have the smoothest mail backup and archiving facility ever, we have included a mail converter engine with this software. The engine is of top quality and can be used for several mail file formats. It is capable of recognizing all major mail clients as well as their formats. So you can easily change the format of the files to and from .pst, .eml, .rge, .mbox and .olm.

Get extra storage space along with backup facility

Thanks to the data compression facility, you can save extra storage space while you backup data. The compression facility works by shrinking your files prior to storing them. As a result, you are able to save almost thrice the amount of storage space without having to compromise on the quality of the output or the safety of the data.

Mail viewer for easy viewing of data

If you have data from multiple sources then you do not have to visit each platform individually. This mail backup software makes sure that you do not have to suffer any sort of discomfort in dealing with multiple mail clients at once. The mail viewer provides to you the window from which you can work with multiple mail clients at a single platform.

Ultra-fast data search module

To save your time from searching for data, we provide the facility of ultra-fast data search. Using it you can save time and effort as it instantly produces search results. It can be used to search everything, from a simple text file to heavy and complex attachments.

Our experts remain available 24*7 to help out clients with any sort of problem or confusion. You can take advantage of this facility too, contact us anytime you need to and we will be there to serve you.https://www.mailbackupx.com/mac-email-archive-software/