Integrating a team of established organizations is what makes Microsoft an unbeatable institution. The strategic decision to bring successful organizations onboard is something that will enhance the productivity of Microsoft. The following additions to the team are what makes Microsoft a worthwhile option.

1. Cacoo: With Cacoo, you can create different mind maps, flowcharts, UML diagrams, network diagrams, etc. These features will help you add essential illustrations to your project. This will help you approach your clients more innovatively.

Key Features

  • One can directly comment on diagrams.

  • Range of exciting templates and designs.

  • Accessible to team members.

  • Share easily in presentation mode.

  • Save and control the changes.

  • Ease to create Collaboration Diagram

2. Zoom: Zoom is undoubtedly the first choice for online collaboration. A single click on a button will let you start a video call with as many people as you want. By collaborating Zoom with other team members of Microsoft, you will get the best experience.

Key Features

  • Interact with anyone from outside or within the Microsoft Teams.

  • Get a summary of the meetings.

  • Integrate Zoom with other tools.

  • Get a secure link to host a video conference.

  • Get access to the recordings of the video meetings.

  • Start videos within seconds on any app that your team suggests.

3. Givitas: This give-and-take knowledge sharing software gives you access to your peers’ intelligence and expertise. Givitas will help you in getting guidance from worldwide specialists. This web-based platform will provide you a better insight on various topics and will improve your work quality. Givitas is more like a knowledge collaboration application that will be beneficial for any organization or an individual.

Key Features

  • Get beneficial hands-on information for the entire team.

  • Solve your complex problems within seconds.

  • Experience knowledge sharing in an easy way.

4. Freehand: Graphical representation is the best way to express your thoughts and ideas. Freehand is one such platform where you can draw, sketch, or present your vision with your team in real-time. It does not require any designing skills but a will to be expressive in your opinions.

Key Features

  • Save your work in the cloud.

  • Create impressive presentations.

  • Draw along with your team.

  • Plan with images.

  • Create an outline for a web page.

5. Mural: This digital workspace provides a platform and professional tools to innovative people and teams who want to create visual solutions to their problems. The notification manager of Mural won’t let you miss any important notification from your team. The custom notification channel and built-in bot guide you in managing all your reports.

Key Features

  • Instant notifications regarding the Team project.

  • Customize the settings to group all the notifications together.

  • Allows interaction with your web service.

6. Meister Task: MeisterTask is one of the most innovative collaboration tools that acts as a task manager. MeisterTask is a useful tool that will help you improve communication by integrating with MS Teams. This valuable tool will add more value to your work. MeisterTask is an online product management tool that perfectly adapts to the workflow.

Key Features

  • Stream your activity.

  • Keep watch on tasks and assignments.

  • Keep a tab on due dates and times.

  • Manage descriptions and checklists.

  • Keep track of time.

7. Cisco Webex Meetings: This is a secure platform to connect with others via calls, messages, or video calls. Cisco will give you the experience of HD video calling where you can share your screen with your team members and make your message easily comprehensible. With Webex, you can convert your team meetings into a productive collaboration.

Key Features

  • Keep up with your routine by scheduling your meetings on Microsoft Office 365 calendars.

  • Use Webex to send links to Microsoft Teams.

  • Join the conference with a single click.

8. ServiceNow: Be yourself with the ultimate tools of ServiceNow. This application lets you work the way you want. This cloud-based software helps automate IT Service Management that offers the dependability to tackle any trouble. With ServiceNow, you can introduce a visual aspect in your Microsoft Teams conversations. Upgrade your digital workflows without any disruption.

Key Features

  • It lets you exchange data easily.

  • Implement routine actions in Microsoft Teams chat.

  • Search answers for common queries.

  • Use ServiceNow cloud services to resolve IT requests and other HR tasks.

9. Lucidchart: Improve every area of business by creating powerful visuals that understand information and processes. The integration of Lucidchart in the MS Teams application was one of the profitable decisions. With Lucidchart, you can use wireframes and organizational charts apart from many other functions.

Key Features

  • Switch to presentation mode for presenting slideshows.

  • Comment, add notes, or mention names in the built-in editor.

  • Easy drag-and-drop editing.

  • Work with your team from any place.

  • Add links and layers to present interactive diagrams.

10. RingCentral: RingCentral is an incredible platform that brings customers and teams together. It provides communication solutions with web meetings, conferences, text, and many other options. With RingCentral, you won’t have to use any other application for your conference calls and online meetings.

Key Features.

  • Get access to video and voice calls.

  • Join conference calls and meetings in a single click.

11. MS Translator: With MS Translator, language won’t be a barrier to flourish your business. Easily interact with your clients who can’t speak your language. The translator translates your messages, making it easy for you and others to understand. Simply install this application into your MS Team, and it will become available on every device that your MS Teams require.

Key Features

  • Translate messages into multiple languages.

  • Available for Windows, Outlook, Office 365, Mac, and iOS.

  • Easily translate without having to switch to any other app.


These best Microsoft Teams integrations will help you improve your team’s collaboration and will ultimately prove beneficial for your business or any other venture.

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