Having a fresh meal is very important to maintain a healthy life. You might be ignoring this crucial aspect of life by not eating a freshly prepared nutritious meal, owing to your hectic work schedule. There are meal preparation services offered near you, in your region that will wholeheartedly take care of your calorie intake and not make you feel bored with monotonous platters every day.

The fresh food meal preparation companies are owned and run by renowned chefs from the fitness industry. They have realized that people do not achieve health goals, although they consume nutritious meals. After an initial survey, they were surprised by the results. They came to know that people do not even know that what they are eating is not good for them and doesn't offer them an optimal nutritional value.

Hence, they have committed themselves to a lifelong fresh meal preparation service and catering to the nutritional requirement of people who genuinely seek them. The food is packed in insulated, cool containers to keep it fresh. Once you get the food from the fresh food meal prep services, you can open the eco-friendly bags and reheat them in a microwave. The food can be obtained for a period of one week, during which you can refrigerate it. You can eat it happily for two weeks. However, you need to eat already prepared seafood in less than a week.

You can procure the following platters for an affordable amount:

  1. Aloha burger
  2. Chipotle chicken taco bowl
  3. Greek-style salmon
  4. Lean Turkey Bolognese
  5. Lean Turkey Pesto
  6. Parmesan Chicken
  7. Ropa Vieja

There are around 20 mix and match platters for performance protein plans. The platters are for people who are looking to obtain 500-600 cal per meal to look bulky. The platters are high in proteins and carbs and are overloaded with veggies.

There are Keto plans available for people who want to shed their weight quickly while keeping their taste buds tickling. These affordable Keto diet platters come in almost 15 mix and match varieties. Keto platters comprise 70% fat, 25% Protein, and 5% Carbs. You can order a single platter of your choice from a range and then believe your inclination for these platters would go soaring higher and higher.

The platters provide around 500-590 calories per meal. If followed religiously, these fresh meal plans will help you shed weight and at the same time overload you with nutrients that would keep you fit and energetic.