Scoliosis is a common but highly misunderstood spine condition. It affects adolescents and adults causing the spine to bend laterally. Treatment usually includes surgery or scoliosis bracing in Stuart.

The internet is filled with misconceptions about the disease. This creates fears and false hopes among patients and parents alike. That’s why it’s important to debunk the most common myths about the condition so that people can focus on getting the right treatment.

Keep in mind that this article isn’t written by a medical expert and shouldn’t be cited as medical advice.

Wearing Heavy Backpack Does Not Cause Scoliosis

Many of us grew up lightening our backpacks out of the fear that it’d bend our backs the wrong way. And carrying heavy stuff on your back isn’t good because it causes back pain, posture problems, etc. But it does not cause scoliosis.

Or at least this claim is highly debatable in the scientific community and unsupported by reputable evidence.

In most cases, scoliosis is an idiopathic condition. That means it occurs spontaneously and for unknown reasons. Some less common types can be traced to neuromuscular conditions, birth defects and spinal injuries or infections.

Scoliosis Is Not Preventable

The cause for the most common type of scoliosis is largely unknown. There is currently no scientific study from a reputable source to show that you can prevent it. This fact makes the tons of ‘how to prevent scoliosis’ articles online obsolete.

This doesn’t mean that you should give up on taking care of your back. Just that you should ignore prevention guides and such until a way is discovered.

It Does Not Weaken You

An abnormal curvature doesn’t result in low body strength or bone density. Patients can be just as strong as others.

Sports And Physical Activity Are Still Possible

Doctors may recommend against some sports and physical activities but not all. They usually recommend some physical activity to help the patient stay strong, flexible, fit and healthy. Physical activity can also help them manage pain better.

Pain Is Not Guaranteed

Pain can be a symptom of scoliosis but children suffering from it don’t report pain. It’s because of the upward growth of the spine during adolescence that relieves the pressure. This is the reason why experts recommend scoliosis screenings for adolescents.

Deformity Is Not Guaranteed

Not all scoliosis patients end up with a deformed back. With proper care and treatment, it’s possible to prevent the vertebrae from curving further.

Patients Can Give Birth

Scoliosis does not affect one’s ability to conceive or give birth to children. Most people don’t face problems during pregnancy or labor. You do need to let your anesthetist know if you are taking epidurals.

Waiting Is Not Always Good

Many parents believe that they should wait until their child is old enough before seeking treatment. And it may be a good option only if a doctor recommends it. In some cases, they may recommend acting early to prevent the curve from worsening. You should seek medical attention if you suspect that your child has scoliosis.

Spine Can Continue Curving After Reaching Maturity

Many people believe that the spine will stop curving after the patient reaches adulthood. This is the reason behind the wait and see approach. But it’s possible for the spine to curve even after skeletal maturity. It’s better to continue follow-ups until it’s confirmed that the curvature has stopped.

Bracing Does Not Correct Spine

Spinal bracing does not straighten the vertebrae. Doctors recommend a specialist in braces and prosthetic legs in Port St. Lucie to stop or slow down the curvature. This is to prevent the need for surgery in the future. If the bracing fails to stop the spine from curving, then surgery may be your only option.

Surgery Has Improved

Many patients fear surgery because of the pain and side effects people associated with it. But surgical techniques have improved over the years. They have become less invasive and more effective at correcting the deformity. Patients can return to normal life sooner than before without fearing complications.

Summary - Scoliosis is a highly misunderstood disease. It’s important to clarify misconceptions to avoid fears and false hopes. This way people can focus on available treatments like surgery or scoliosis bracing in Stuart.