Blessed are the guys that possess smooth, charming and shining complexion. They are revered with great honor amongst their colleagues while few persons suffer from skin problems that make them discouraged. Many of them take over the counter or traditional remedies few of which sometimes lead to complications than giving any fruitful results. That’s where the ancient old Ayurveda helps the sufferers by way of apt herbal remedies. Made from the organic ingredients, these wonderful formulations treat skin diseases in natural manners. Baba Ramdev medicines for face are the unique wonderful compounds.

Fair and smooth complexion with home treatments – Swami Ramdev recommends taking fiber rich diets by including green leafy vegetables, milk, fruits and fresh juices in them. He suggests staying away from stale, junk and oily foods. Likewise abstinence from non-vegetarian foods is also recommended, says Ramdev, the yoga guru.

The great son of India, Swami Ramdev advises adding some baking powder into lemon juice and applying the paste gently on the rough facial skin. It will get rid of pimples and roughness if any. Champagne is also one of the best home remedies for your facial skin. Apply it gently with a cotton swab to see best results, suggests Ramdev, the great Yoga Guru.

The oily facial skin can be cleared with Fuller’s earth, the best home remedy that is much useful to clear dirt and pimples too. Apply it directly by adding some water and letting it on the facial skin for some time before washing. Regular application gives best results in the form of glowing and even facial skin. Ramdev suggests use of gram flour by adding turmeric powder and lemon drops to it. Make a good paste by adding some milk cream and apply it onto your face that will give glowing looks.

Ground pink daal is also quite beneficial if it is added with honey and applied as a paste on the face. Seeds of methi can also give excellent results if they are used in the form of paste for your rough face. Petroleum Jelly is also much useful for your face. Tea Tree Oil is also quite advantageous for our face if it is applied regularly.

Thick paste made with turmeric powder and lemon juice also gives excellent results. Mix some curd into white pepper and make your face to glow by applying the mixture onto it. Washing your face with fresh water helps to get rid of dirt or other harmful elements. Same is true with intake of sufficient quantity of filtered water after frequent intervals. It is useful for flushing out toxins from the body. Likewise egg yolk and curd may be mixed and applied onto the face for giving good results.

Taking healthy diets enriched with minerals and vitamins is good for our face. Simple exercises and yoga asana are also good while you should stay away from smoking and heavy drinks that may damage your facial skin, says Baba Ramdev, the great healer and Yoga Guru.