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Mobile apps appeared after the evolution of smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps have played a key role in popularizing smartphones and it has been a completely different story ever since.

In the current scenario, there are two extremely tough competitors in the Mobile app development industry; Google and Apple. Although Microsoft Windows is also a participant in this race, it lags far behind. We are well aware that both the Google Play Store, as well as Apple iTunes are already packed with mobile apps from different categories.

As the number of mobile apps exceeds, it is categorized into different types such as corporate apps, gaming apps, social media apps, messenger apps, and on-demand apps.

On the one hand, if on-demand applications are making our lives more comfortable, they are also boosting business and economy, so, now, customers do not have to wait until they call the service centers and offer relevant personal solutions.

However, in this blog, we will explore the relevant reasons why the Android operating system is a good and preferred option for on-demand application development for businesses and startups.

1. Android apps have the lion’s share of the market
Before we decide to build any mobile app, we must first know who our target audience is. We have already talked about two major competitors in the mobile app market; Android and iOS. Statistics and statistics confirm that the Android apps available in the Google Play Store are far more than the apps available in the Apple iOS Store.

The worldwide population or geographic coverage of Android apps is also high. Android apps share large market bases in Asia, including two of the most populous countries in the world, such as China and India.

2. Google is lightweight when it comes to application policies
If you ask any expert, he/she will confirm that Google is somewhat more positive about Android app developers regarding app publishing and rejection of guidelines. Review time in the Play Store is very fast and even developers do not have to abide by strict terms and conditions.

To add even more, start-ups and new business entrepreneurs are developing an on-demand app for the first time, paying only a one-time registration fee of $ 25 before uploading the app. In the case of Apple, the fee exceeds $ 99 per year.

3. Adding more features
On-demand applications include some must-have features such as maps integration, GPS functionality, and push notifications, which are required to reach target customers. Now this leverage is offered by Android and has an edge over iOS. You need a GPS and map feature to track the exact location of the product.

4. Ease of customization
The important thing about on-demand applications is that they fit the needs of the end-users. Therefore, its activities change as new trends come.

The developer application needs to be updated regularly to meet the customer’s needs. So, Android offers better customization compared to iOS.

As the change of apps is easy, the application retention percentage will also increase.

5. The purpose of Google Assistant
With Android, you also get the support of voice help in the form of Google Assistant. You get access to many data points, which makes Google Assistant more efficient and better than Siri.

6. Data storage
When you plan to develop an on-demand app and launch it on the Google Play Store, you will get 15GB of free storage capacity along with the expanded facility of cross-platform. You can store data in Google Drive. Also, Google has its cloud storage, making it easy to access data along with Google Drive.

You need a large storage house because usually on-demand applications have large customer data as well as revenue from sales.

7. Support for multiple languages
The on-demand application should have the feature of multilingual support as it is based on the B2C model. In the case of iOS, the big advantage is that Android supports about 100 languages compared to just 34 languages.

8. Android devices provide more memory
Another good reason you should choose Android for the next on-demand application project is that Android devices provide more memory. So, you do not have to worry about the large size of applications. Memory can also be maintained via a microSD card.

Also, Google gives developers the freedom to use their innovations and make features more attractive when designing applications.

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