Laptop screens with full HD and LED backlighting are available for many branded companies and all their models. These companies include Sony, Asus, Compaq, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, Dell and many more and to avail these new laptop screens, you just need to provide the model number and other make details. New laptop-screen will arrive at your doorstep in a day's time after you place your order and it will save you good amount of money as replacing laptop screen is an easy process as well and can be done in merely ten to fifteen minutes.

Cleaning your Screen :

There are a lot of ways to maintain your screen's shine, and there are also a lot of ways people think they can clean their screen, but end up in more trouble than they were in before. Use a buffer to clean your laptop display's surface. These are very handy, extremely useful and can also double up as mouse pads. Even if you have oil or dirt marks, a screen buff will take care of it in a single swipe.
Even if a small portion is damaged, you may very well be left with a permanent black mark on your screen, and what's worse is that physically damaging your laptop is a one way street - the screen itself, after sustaining physical damage to its display (scratch marks, black patches etc.), cannot be repaired. You would have to replace your laptop's LCD screen completely.