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Over here at Triangle Limited, we are dedicated to providing the best products and outstanding customer service. Our devoted expert team is always ready to guide you the entire process, from designing your Stainless Steel Balustrade to the finished installation. In actual fact, designing and installing your Steel Balustrade Systems is much easier than you may think. The customized steel staircase has been to be found in the entrance atrium and blends flawlessly with the radiance. Place in the heart of the building the steel spiral staircase creates a focal point of the edifice and boosts the splendor of overall interior design.

Stunning Stainless Steel Balustrade and Steel Spiral Staircase

Our stainless steel balustrade enables you to create a cost-effective, safe, and strong safety barrier to any area. The modern look of a brushed or high polish steel staircase not only looks good but also easy to maintain.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Balustrades

  • When used along with tempered glass a stainless steel balustrade creates a safely usable vicinity.
  • It also sets aside uninterrupted views and enables light into your building. A grade of material is used when designing a stainless steel balustrade.
  • Stainless steel balustrades are idyllic or perfect for use both internally and externally. Whatever the extremes of weather, a stainless steel balustrade will hold firm.
  • This makes an incredibly popular choice for use on outward balconies and high traffic staircases. It is a material that leaves people feeling secure and easy to grip.

Why Should You Use Stainless Steel Balustrade Systems?

These days, stainless steel balustrade systems have become the most preferred thing in interior design, whether it’s for enhancing the look of your house or your office. Due to come with many advantages, there is a high demand for these balustrade systems in both modern and contemporary homes. Rather than beautiful, these stainless steel balustrade systems are really versatile and can be used in combination with other materials too.

Triangle Limited offers an installation service within our local catchment area. We are continuously expanding our installation coverage area, so be here in touch for more availability and details. By administering the whole process, we ensure that your project is designed, delivered, and installed on time. This allows us to deliver competitive and effective installations with a first-class service all through.

Triangle Limited is a beautiful self-build residential project in Fordingbridge. Our clients were looking for an outstanding modified steel staircase to make a statement, and we think this spectacular steel spiral Staircase really met the requirement. Whether you are a commercial or domestic customer, our objective is only to offer you the safest and most reliable components for your project. Rest assured, we always recommend you based on the latest industry standards and regulations to ensure complete peace of mind. For more information please contact our expert team at or call us on 01425 656 466.